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Walt Disney is an American television producer a showman and a motion picture illustrator He was born on December 5 1901 in Hermosa Illinois Walt Disney lived in Marceline Missouri most of his child life and then moved to Kansas City in 1911 Walt Disney has 3 brothers and 1 sister a mother Flora Call Disney and a father Elias Disney Disney hired a ink and paint artist in 1925 named Lillian Bounds They got married and had 2 daughters Diane Disney Miller and Sharon Mae Disney In 1919 Walt Disney was working as a newspaper artist His brother Roy introduced him to an art studio There he met Ubbe Eert Iwwerks who invited him to work at the Kansas City Film Ad Company At the Ad Company he learned to use cut out animation to put together an ad play with the camera and experiment with hand drawn animation He decided that he should open his own animation studio since he loved drawing and animation was interesting Disney and Fred Harman A crew from the Ad Company and Disney s first employee started to work on a new animation called Laugh O Grams The show was really popular and they had enough money to make their own company called Laugh O Gram They hired more employees such as Harman s brothers Hugh and Iwerks However in 1923 the animation company had no more money to support it and they had no choice but to close it Disney his brother Roy and Harman started a new company called Disney Brothers Studio They made a deal with Margaret Winkler a New York distributor 

They soon made a new character Oswald the lucky rabbit Margaret Winkler stole the rights of all Disney's characters Disney sent out the new character Mickey Mouse in 1928 He made the first animation based on Mickey Mouse called Plane Crazy and Gallopin Gaucho With Disney s voice as Mickey the show was very popular Disney soon created Mickey s new friends Minnie Mouse Donald Duck Goofy and Pluto In 1939 they made a lot of new animation such as Snow White the first full animation movie released on December 1937 The Disney Brothers soon made more animated episodes and movies such as Pinocchio in 1940 and so on Disney starts to plan an amusement park since they had enough money and the shows were very popular On July 17 1955 they new Disneyland theme park was opened in Anaheim California They spent 17 million on the theme park In 1966 Disney had Lung Cancer He was 65 when he died His brother Roy decided to keep running Disney Brothers Studio since that was Disney's last thing he want to do Soon in 1971 a new Florida theme park was opened with the name Walt Disney World Walt Disney won a lot of Award including 9 Oscar awards 32 academy awards during 1931 1968 There is a lot more awards including approximately 23 Best Short Subject Cartoon 5 Best Documentary and a lot more journal awards Disney also have a lot of nominated awards like approximately 17 Best short Subject Cartoon 3 best documentary awards and so on His accomplishments were that he made the first Disney s Theme park and also brought joy to a lot of people with his animations He was very successful with his animation because a lot of people enjoyed it and Disney s animation movies are still very popular nowadays According to Walt Disney Biography He and his brother Roy co founded Walt Disney Productions which became one of the best known motion picture production companies in the world That is the best thing Walt Disney had accomplished 

Walt Disney as I think is a really brilliant animator He was the first one to make a Walt Disney Theme Park and his animation was very popular all around the world I think he is worth begin remembered because he was the one that brought joy to everyone around the world with his animation I am still watching Disney production animations and they are still famous even after more than 50 years That is why I think that Walt Disney is worth begin remembered In conclusion Walt Disney was the first one to create Mickey Mouse and also open a theme park He is famous for his animation and Walt Disney World Works Cited Walt Disney Awards List Google Search www google ca search q Walt disney Awards list rlz 1C1GGRV_enCA780CA780 oq Walt disney Awards list aqs chrome 69i57j69i60 j0 21538j0j7 sourceid chrome ie UTF 8 safe active ssui on Biography Ducksters Educational Site www ducksters com biography entrepreneurs walt_disney php Crowther Bosley Walt Disney Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Inc 18 Dec 2017 www britannica com biography Walt Disney The October Crisis a Summary History in an Hour 10 Sept 2013 www historyinanhour com 2013 09 06 the october crisis a summary Walt Disney Biography com A E Networks Television 7 Aug 2017 www biography com people walt disney 9275533 Walt Disney A Short Biography Just Disney www justdisney com walt_disney biography w_bio_short html Walt Disney Biography Encyclopedia of World Biography www notablebiographies com De Du Disney Walt html Walt Disney Biography Biography Online www biographyonline net artists walt disney html Who Is Walt Disney Everything You Need to Know Childhood Life Achievements amp Timeline www thefamouspeople com profiles walter elias disney 3151 php

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