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War thunder War thunder is a mmo released on 21st December 2016 The game is a cross platform so it can be played on PlayStation 4 Microsoft Windows Xbox One Android Linux and macOS The game is based around combined arms There are air and land battles with vehicles form the spanish civil war to the cold war period with an emphasis on world war 2 You have access to over 800 different tanks and planes for The United Kingdom Usa Germany Japanese empire the Soviet Union and other The game is a mmo Massively multiplayer online game action game The game has a lot of fast paced action and has a lot of different option so you can fight as a tanker or a pilot The games mmo factor means that you can play with friends and fight real people Also you can upgrade you tanks and planes Also the devs Gaijin Entertainment have included great detail for every aspect of the game In war thunder there are 4 game modes Arcade battles Realistic battles Simulator battles and Pve Player vs environment Arcade battles are 16 a side battle with vehicles from different nations of similar combat ability It is possible to see the vehicles of the same type from different teams Also the damage physics has been symplothied wing ripping in planes are stopped but contain some realism eg plane need to reload ammunition boomers are vulnerable to fighters and ballistic drop and leading shot For airplanes there are ether airstrike or air domination In airstrike your goal is to destroy the enemy ground forces then destroy the enemy team and finally destroy the enemy airfield and the bombing points In domination the objective is to take enemy airfields by touching the wheels of you plane down for 5 seconds causing the enemy to lose point or air domination which involves taking the base completely

For ground forces domination is to two capture a set of point While capturing the points the enemy team will be trying to to the same also the enemy team will be attacking you The point are color coded to signify what points have been captured and the enemy is highlighted to signifie what team they are Also there are realistic battles that are for more experienced players The mode offers realism but has some ui features from arcade mode For airplane fighter must take fo from an airfield interceptors will start airborne Attachers will also start airborne but higher than inspectors Bombers will start 6 600 ft in the air More realistic damage model makes it harder to shoot down enemy planes and and there are no lead markers making aiming harder Due to the realistic g forces the making tight corners at high speeds can make the plane rip apart or the pilot to black out Also the camera views are the same as arcade mode Most of the scenarios there only on nation from a given team making it possible to reenact events in history For the ground forces there are able to have more than one vachal through the use of spawn points which are gained from destroying enemy and capturing point the aircraft use Like air realistic battle you don't have access the enemy indicators and range indicators In simulator battles you are fully emerged in the game and is the most realistic experience for the player You only have two view in the plane in the cockpit or on a external gunner and in the tanks you are restricted to the gunners scope drivers port or cabin and the commander's perspective 

The plane only have full controls so there are no guides to help with aiming amo count or to prevent the engine stalling Also the mouse can be used as a joystick The player has the option to have flaps trims and the engine automatically The heads up display tells you the speed altitude engine setting oil water temperature and basic damage status PvE assault is a arcade mode game where you and you team has to defend a base against waves of ai attachers This game would be good for the elderly because the game relates to something that they have experienced and also the game can entertain the elderly If they were trained in the army they could use some of their training works in the situations in the game Portal Portal is a game released in 2006 by valve corporation This puzzle game has a unique mechanic of using a portal gun to maneuver obstacles and to progress to the next level 

The game was published on the xbox 360 the ps3 ios linux and android The game makes you solve puzzles by using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device to teleport around obstacles The player chell is challenged and taunted by GLaDOS Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System to complete each puzzle in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center by the portal gun with receiving cake when all puzzles are completed The games unique physics you are able to relay momentum through portals requiring creative use of the portal to overcome different obstacles Portal was acclaimed to be one of the most unique game in 2007 In portal your are chell the protagonist From a first person view as she is challenged to make it through different puzzles through a bunch of different of rooms in the in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center using Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or the portal gun under watch from GLaDOS an ai The gun creates two different colour portal orange and blue one for entry and one for exit The portals create a physical and a visual connection

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