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Describe the strategy of Methanex Arena

Cases Questions Methanex Developing Strategy in a Commodity Industry Questions Describe the strategy of Methanex Arena Methanex was originally known as Ocelot Industries in Canada as an oil and gas exploration company In 1991 Ocelot Industries split into three parts with the methanol and ammonia businesses forming Methanex Corporation By 2000 Methanex had become the largest methanol producer all over the world which there are near seven million tonnes of methanol sold by Methanex every year This huge amount of methanol met 16 of the global demand while 59 of which was sold to the Asia Pacific region 23 to Europe and 18 to the Americas Methanex set up its operations parts in Trinidad New Zealand and Chile with marketing offices in the Asia Pacific region North America South America and Europe For the global distribution of its methanol Methanex required a fleet of tankers barges trains and trucks In 1995 the company created the Waterfront Shipping Company to manage a fleet of ocean going vessels By 2007 Methanex s fleet had grown to more than 20 ships Differentiators In the global methanol industry there are several competitors with Methanex Most of these leading oil and gas companies did not only consider methanol to be their core business but also produced methanol as a part of larger petrochemical production organizations

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