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We are living in a rapidly developing high tech world where technology is a yardstick for a country's social or economic development Countries that have invested sufficiently in promoting emerging technologies over the past decade are the ones that have developed successfully If we may look at the US western countries even in Asia like China Malaysia Japan and India are booming in the technology industry In comparison Pakistan lags development due to being underdeveloped in the technology sector because of political and democratic interests We have a polarized democracy inefficient governance system overall poor human development conditions less educational opportunities and state does not prioritize to scale up new technologies due to which it has been hindered to move forward which in turn has not allowed the society to exploit the potential in the society and move towards the path of prosperity However it is a common perception that if more machines replace human beings at work then the jobs would be destroyed and what will people do But in actual it is not the case Technology creates new jobs in the industries such as IT development hardware manufacturing app creation IT systems management and etc One of the study by MacKinsey s in 2011 found that internet destroyed 500 000 jobs in France but on the other hand it also created 1 2ml new job opportunities Therefore net impact of emerging technologies on employment is strongly positive In addition improved technology will strengthen our social economic and human capital at a large scale If we may turn the pages of history come to know that those days have been left away when people used to say that the earth exists on water Those days have been gone when it used to take years to reach Saudi Arabia 

Those days have also been moved away when we used to post something it used to take months to be delivered Those days are also gone when weddings used to be celebrated in the moonlight Also those days have departed when there were no sources of communication Those days are departed when wars used to be fought with arches and arrows Those days have also passed away when people used to ride on camels and horses for long routes Today we live in a completely transformed and different world which is overwhelmed with hordes of information communication and technology Overtime it has changed everything our values ethics education businesses trades democratic processes even our behaviors and the way we think Currently we witness technology as follows only in 24 hours we may take a trip around the whole world Only in few seconds we get news bulletins from different TV channels of what is happening around the world Transfer of money from one account to another account whether one is sitting in any country throughout the world just takes a few seconds Shopping malls book stores universities and colleges all have online access now We can view and give lectures online and these are only a few quick examples of rapidly changing ICT world Moreover internet has connected the whole business communities throughout the world The global human economy and financial system has been virtualized and digitalized for instance internet based virtual currencies such as bitcoin The world's stock exchanges are being merged and combined After 4G now 5G is going to be launched soon and it's been considered that 5G would speed up global growth The internet computers smartphones and such other technological tools have already revolutionized the global economy 

We are moving toward the fourth industrial revolution 4IR that is being embedded in the societies and even in human body In Pakistan if we observe we still lag behind decades to have a developed digital and technological system because first we must learn to use the technology affirmatively It is a waste of technology that we instead of using technology for overall social and economic benefit use it for social moral and economic corruption We are a society where moral deficit is on the rise So before creating the full technology hub in the country we need to prepare our generation to be positively ready for these changes so that we can contribute efficiently to the overall development and national interest If we cannot do anything in the sector of information technology I must say with surety that we cannot keep up with the pace of the world and or even as much as survive on this planet Therefore we need to make all our systems institutes ranging from government to social economic schools and universities integrated with digital learning Moreover we need to promote our youth and students who have a background in technical fields We should establish high tech labs where our IT experts should innovate and experiment Moreover there should be an equitable access to technology so that the poor could not lose this opportunity out There should be a well designed programme that can expand the access especially to poor people s kids to overcome poverty and use technology as a mean to promote their skills entrepreneurships etc

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