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We are lucky to call American our home to be part of the strongest country on earth that is at the forefront of each new technological innovation and fights to give equality and justice for all But sadly we are no longer the guardians instead we are the murderers of our own earth How can we stand with American pride if China Russia Japan India and we the Americans account for 54 of the world s total carbon dioxide emission Source E If you did not know be informed now We are having a real and a very serious global problem occurring With global warming on the rise specific plans should be in place to fix our wrongs but who shall lead us in this battle Who shall teach us how to correct our wrongs 

The problem is complex but the solution is simple the government The government should be the one responsible for fostering new green practices One of the government's functions is to organize society in a manner that would benefit its civilians and protect them and their future generation from the damaging effects of global warming Furthermore our representatives in Washington who are in control of the finances of the United States have the ability to manipulate citizens by making them adjust to new greener lifestyle changes that would ultimately contribute to reduce global warming In fourth grade at Lowell Elementary School my fellow classmates and I were given the opportunity to join an environmental club that was run by the township and funded by the federal government In this club we were taught the basics of global warming just like to every other ten year old Every two weeks the club directors were able to purchase supplies and provided us transportation to local parks and public buildings and gardens in which we were assigned to clean and groom them 

At that time I was not aware of the actual mission behind this program the government was trying to shape and educate the next generation of citizens Paradoxically just as how the government has the power to create and manifest programs to enlighten the future generation they also have the capability to revoke all these programs and throw to the trash time and money invested with the hope of having a brighter future For example our President Trump removed the United states from the Paris Climate Change Deal which undoubtedly led to the loss of numerous of environmental programs around the world Was this a research based decision Nope With the cumulative numbers of scientific reports that have been published in the last few years there is absolutely no scientific evidence that could argue against the fact that global warming is happening therefore the government must act now in a positive way That is why there has been the rumor that President Trump will have to reverse his decision and rejoin to the Paris Climate Agreement because we are the only top country that is not part of it 

The representatives of our country are able to instill moral values and educate us on the global problems that are continually threatening us Instead of letting us persist in this vicious cycle and having only about 18 of U S residents be active in an organization whose operations relate to environmental services Source E they should encourage and reward people to to get more involved and break the bad habits that we have let build up over the last three decades Source C and instruct us on how to take responsible actions to become a greener country Will it be the case for our current administration Regretfully it is not The United States of America as the strongest nation on earth should exploit its role as a leader to positively influence policy makers of foreign nations to take action in this battle Therefore our government is the sole entity that is able to reconnect america abroad Source C and create foreign relations that will mend the ecological problems in the World No one else would have a greater impact on the Paris Agreement other than a dominant and strong administration who represents us and advocate for our interest in having a less polluted planet

The government can shape our behaviours by ruling the country's economy The administration has the power to lure people to the correct habits with the use of incentives This was certainly seen when former President Obama gave 465 million to Tesla Motors Inc with the purpose that they would create electric cars that would reduce american s direct emission of greenhouse gases and a plethora of pollutants Where is all this money coming from The answer is simple from hard working American tax money Obviously there is no other institution that has the capacity to obtain your money through the path of tax collection and utilize it as an energy conserving measure Source B Despite that we the citizens are the main cause for gas emissions many believe that the we are the key to the solution of this complex problem Our votes have a tremendous impact on electing the candidates that ultimately will bring to life our own principles Regardless of the countless practical difficulties that would arise in trying to wean the U S economy from today s fossil fuels we would expect that our government will persist protecting our fundamental principles through tax policies that encourage conservation Source B The government should take a dominant role in educating and rewarding for choosing the correct path and penalizing those who goes against

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