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Modernity is a term used to identify the stage in the history

Modernity is a term used to identify the stage in the history of social relations where there were major shifts and the dark ages were radically changed to the modern ages It is believed that it dated roughly from the end of the 18th century and it is characterised by the democratic and industrial revolutions Modernity also refers to much earlier and more enduring social conditions and is based on science and rationality with individualistic characteristics separating the private and public spheres The industrial revolution marks modernity as most people lived and worked in rural areas in the 17th century Britain moved from rural to urban with the scientific revolution and technology such a trains were industrialised Urbanisation was a product of the industrial revolution which is where key forms of labour took place within the slave trade Karl Marx Emile Durkheim and Max Weber are those that are considered as classical sociologists and they discuss factors regarding social divisions such as class in terms of modernity as well as contemporary society which related to how change is brought about All three men were products of modernity and studied modernity s effects Karl Marx looked at rationality Emile Durkheim looked at how different societies understand rationality differently and Max Weber examined the importance of science Marxism is a structural conflict theory which was peak in the period of industrialisation Karl Marx was born in the 19th century who witnesses radical change to living and working conditions this along with the growth of the modern city also created a growth in poverty crimes and alcoholism Karl Marx was predominantly interested in political and economic issues and was influenced by three traditions one of which was German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1770 1831 who was one of the greatest systematic thinkers in the history of Western philosophy It was during the industrial revolution in Britain and Europe that Karl Marx developed his ideas

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