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Stress can happen due to many reasons

Stress can happen due to many reasons This can be classified into acute or chronic stress Acute stress means it is only short term For example stuck in a traffic jam missing a bus or writing a 1000 word essay for only a day However for chronic stress it is long term It can happen when the examples I listed above happen continuously This will constantly stress a person out so acute stress can evolve into chronic stress Stress can usually affect people more in the city area compared to people living at the rural area This is because people who are in the city area has a busier lifestyle due to over working or studying One country that has a high rate of dying due to over working is Japan Living in the city has also a higher level of pollution and noise which can also contribute to the stress level of the people Sometimes places with high traffic can also cause stress to people because they cannot get to the places they need to go on time The immune system is very important to the body because it protects the body and get rid of any foreign object that tries to attack the system 

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