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The SEN education rate is growing at a Fast Pace

These differences in opinion were shaped more strongly by law makers then the people with empirical knowledge academic managers quality assurance managers in the policymaking directions The contribution of the stockholders and external bodies have a crucial role in education because they regulate and they assure that the standards of quality are maintained and are followed there for we can improve the education standards and boost quality I use the example in S E N but the same principle applies to all types of schools and organisations where external bodies and stakeholders trough quality reports and their assessment inevitably improve quality standards 3 2 Explain how being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies impacts on organisations in education and training By being accountable to stakeholders or external bodies will insure that standards of quality are maintained otherwise the organisations in education wouldn t have aspirations or boundaries to look out too Therefore the impact that they have in schools and organisations is very important and as a positive outcome A second way of thinking about that impact that external bodies and stakeholders have is looking at their specific purpose Through out QAA reports the quality is considered having regards to a variety of parameters highlighting the importance and value of considering quality from a variety of stakeholder or external bodies own experience by being parents or members of the community involved in the process So we could say that being accountable to stakeholders and external bodies insures that the responsibilities of the non stakeholders are followed

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