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Mouse doesn't have an ambidextrous design

Mouse doesn't have an ambidextrous design and might make a problem for the people who aren t left handed But it doesn t mean that the Rival 700 is a very bad mouse it s a really good mouse which fits gamers of all types though the expensive price lies if you are playing an FPS an RPG an MMO isn t a very big problem because the mouse is there to serve and serve you in the better way The only needs that we hope to be in the mice are being available for the left hand users and the modules which you can buy separately should have a good price tag The Logitech G900 chaos Until the last year The Logitech G900 has considered as the admitted king of wireless gaming mice now the newest version has already been called with the Logitech G903 According to the Physical part the Logitech G903 only several in skillful ways from its predecessor A purely black color scheme have replaced with The gunmetal gray parts of the Logitech G900 this gives the mouse a more elegant look we hoped Logitech didn t eliminate the soft touch coating on the front era of the marginal as it gave us another one bit of texture for our ring finger to calm against The bigger problem is inside of Logitech G903 which now features a puck shaped gap in this space you can also put a 10 gram weight on or attach a PowerCore one that we ll get into more later however the Logitech G903 s body shape hasn t varied but this isn t the issue now Our fingers touch easily in the G903 s gentle curves and its long body make it favorable for a wide standard hand sizes there aren t any flats lined with smooth touch material or rubber but the mouse never really skidded out of our hands the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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