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Contemporary issue

Contemporary issue How are zero hour contracts having an impact on issues with motivation within the workplace Word count Student ID 17015011 Introduction of the issue For the first part of this essay I will discuss the contemporary issue that managers face in the 21st century which is how motivation is having an impact within the workplace and for the second part I will reflect on myself personally on how I performed in the two tasks carried out in the seminar groups Motivation is defined as enthusiasm for doing something as stated by Cambridge dictionary they also define enthusiasm as a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it which I would say relates more to the younger workforce as when younger members get interested in something they commit one hundred percent to it as they don t have any other responsibilities compared to older people in the same work force so that is why I think enthusiasm is also defined as a subject or activity that interests you very much on the Cambridge dictionary as this would better suit older members of the work force which would impact how they are motivated in the workplace which also signifies that motivation specificity increases with age both tying with positive correlation meaning that with an increase in age there is also an increase in motivation which I think is down the responsivities they have as they get older such as putting a roof over their head and providing for their family which are needs that need to be satisfied from them working and having an income which meets their needs in life Literature which has been research to prove that people have needs is the theory by Maslow A H and the Hierarchy of needs theory

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Educational Programming and Assistance

Applicant Organization 201 Cornell Cooperative Extension Albany County CCEAC was established in 1916 as a partnership of Albany County Cornell University and the U S Department of Agriculture which jointly provide a portion of the funding training and administrative support As New York State s land grant university Cornell transfers and applies university based knowledge for practical benefits and contributes to the New York State s economic prosperity CCEAC is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization with an extensive history of providing educational programming and assistance to county residents of all ages CCEAC functions to extend the resources of the land grant institution to address public needs through non formal non credit programs that sustain agriculture and natural resources strengthen youth families and communities and improve the economy Extension programming focuses on major areas such as Agricultural Resources Family and Consumer Resources Energy Conservation Community and Economic Development and 4 H Youth Development The overarching mission Cornell Cooperative Extension puts knowledge to work in pursuit of economic vitality ecological sustainability and social well being We bring local experience and research based solutions together helping New York State families and communities thrive in our rapidly changing world This mission describes our philosophy for delivering educational programs at a grassroots level CCEAC continually focuses on current trends redefining programs and processes to meet the ever changing priorities of the communities that we serve 202 For over 100 years CCEAC has provided urban suburban and rural residents of all ages and socioeconomic status with timely and relevant programming with considerable success in changing participant behaviors that lead to healthier living CCEAC programming is designed to meet local needs of Albany County residents through grassroots community input and is delivered through a wide variety of outreach methods including workshops trainings publications teleconferencing and volunteer opportunities CCEAC has a long standing commitment to the provision of health care promotion education and outreach services to a variety of all age all literacy level audiences from urban settings to rural community outreach centers 203 4 His a youth development program administered by CCE and provides experiences where young people engage in hands on participation in areas such as agriculture health STEM garden based learning and environmental and civic education

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