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John Allen Muhammad was born in December 31 1960 Baton Rouge Louisiana U S he died in November 10 2009 Greensville Correctional Center Greensville County Virginia U S Were he was sentenced to death Muhammad was an American convicted murderer from Baton Rouge Louisiana He has a partner and accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo from Jamaica 17 years old West Indies and it was an illegal immigrant John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were arrested tried and convicted for the shootings Muhammad received a death sentence and was executed on November 10 2009 Malvo was convicted and is waiting for resentencing after a federal judge overturned his two life sentences Today I will mention and give you information about John Allen Muhammad The DC Sniper Documentary John Allen Muhammad was found and capture in Maryland where almost every murder took place These are the names of the victims who were murdered or wounded in the Beltway sniper attacks James Martin James Buchanan Premkumar Walekar Sarah Ramos Lori Ann Lewis Rivera Pascal Charlot Caroline Seawell Survived Iran Brown Survived Dean Harold Meyers Kenneth Bridge Linda Franklin Jeffrey Hopper Survived and Conrad Johnson

These people are victims of something horrible thing that devastated the family of these victims The insanity that this Guy has is scary Just thinking how these men can kill ramdom people just like that The investigation was publicly headed by the County Police Department of Montgomery CPDM and its Boss Charles Moose The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives ATF the FBI the US Secret Service the Department of Transportation in Virginia and police departments in other jurisdictions where shootings took place Police responded within minutes to reports of attacks during the three weeks of the sniper attacks cordoning off nearby roads and highways and inspecting all drivers in that way grinding traffic to stop for hours Police follow a line of investigation in the area talking to people and collected surveillance tapes Despite an apparent lack of progress publicly federal authorities were making significant headway in their investigation and developed leads in Washington State Alabama and New Jersey They learned that Muhammad s ex girlfriend who had obtained a protective order against him lived near the Capital Beltway in Clinton a community in suburban Prince George s County Maryland Information was also developed about an automobile purchased in New Jersey by Muhammad Much to their shock police found that the New Jersey license plates problem to Muhammad on the blue Chevrolet Caprice of 1990 had been check by radio patrol cars couple times near shooting place in various occasions in several states but the car had not been stopped because law enforcement computer networks did not show that it was linked to any criminal activity and they were focused fully on the white van On October 3 2002 Police in Washington D C stopped the Caprice for a minor traffic infraction two hours prior to the shooting of Pascal Charlot after which witnesses reported seeing a Caprice near the scene On October 8 2002 Baltimore Police Department investigated a blue Chevrolet Caprice with a person sleeping inside parked near the Jones Falls Expressway at 28th St in Baltimore

The officers were alarmed that the driver s license was from Washington state and the vehicle tag was from New Jersey Although the vehicle was suspicious enough for them to investigate and it fit the description of a vehicle associated with the shooting in Washington D C five days earlier the officers did not question the occupants extensively nor did they search the vehicle Authorities were quick to issue a media alert to the public to be on the guard for a dark blue Chevrolet Caprice sedan For the public as well as for law enforcement agencies all the way through the region this was a major change from the strange white box truck earlier sought based in the lead report sighting The trials called more than 130 witnesses and bring more than 400 pieces of evidence intended to prove that Muhammad undertook the murders and ordered Malvo to help carry it out Evidence included a rifle found in Muhammad s car that was connected by ballistics tests not only to 8 of the 10 killings in the Washington area but also to two others in Louisiana and Alabama the car itself which was modified so that a sniper could shoot from inside the trunk and a laptop computer also found in the car that contained maps with icons pinpointing shooting scenes Witness accounts that put Muhammad across the street from one shooting and his car near the scene of several others There was also a recorded phone call to a police hotline in which a man his voice identified by a detective as Muhammad s threatening the police with money in exchange for stopping the shootings On May 30 2006 a Maryland jury found John Allen Muhammad guilty of six counts of murder in Maryland In return he was sentenced to six consecutive life terms without possibility of parole on June 1 2006 Neither Alabama Arizona Louisiana nor Washington moved to try Muhammad given his death sentence for murder in Virginia In 2006 Malvo confess that the match up also killed 14 victims in California Arizona and Texas On May 6 2008 it was exposed that Muhammad asked prosecutors in a note to help him end legal appeal of his belief and death sentence An appeal filed by Muhammad s defense lawyers in April 2008 cite proof of brain damage that would render Muhammad incompetent to make legal decisions and that he should not have been allowed to represent himself at his Virginia trial On September 16 2009 Muhammad s execution date was set for November 10 2009 On November 9 2009 Muhammad s petition for review of his death sentence was denied by the U S Supreme Court

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