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This is a case about who Chris Matt and Ian live in California

This is a case about who Chris Matt and Ian live in California and have a business selling an aftershave lotion called Funny Face over the internet The Novelty Now Inc is the manufacturer and distribution company of Funny Face s product and they are located in Florida Donald Margolin and his company are the plaintiffs Donald Margolis Empire Inc file suit in the state of New York The first type of jurisdiction to consider for this case is Personal Jurisdiction Person Jurisdiction is the authority over a person regardless of their location States have personal jurisdiction over persons within its territory and do not have authority over person outside their territory unless there has been some type of contact In this case meetings took place between Funny Face and Novelty Now Inc but it is not clear where these meeting took place The long arm statute may be considered here because it allows court to have jurisdiction over out of state defendant corporations This may apply since Funny Face sells their product over the internet The next type of jurisdiction is Subject matter which is the authority of a court to hear cases of a particular type or cases relating to a specific subject matter So it depends on the reason for the claim and the argument The federal courts jurisdiction over admiralty bankruptcy federal criminal prosecutions one state sues another state claims against the United States Federal patent trademark and copyright claims and cases involving federal statutes that specify exclusive federal jurisdiction 

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