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Water is a Vital Substance

Water is a precious commodity that once available almost free of cost hence water is a vital substance and of great importance in all natural and anthropogenic activities It regenerates seas rivers lakes and forests, therefore, it is becoming part of the identity of environments and landscapes and of paramount importance for the development of ecosystems and human life Jayalakshmi et al 2017 Most of the earth water is seawater The world consists of a major portion about 71 of water but fresh water contributes to only a minor fraction of 2 5 Availability of fresh water the nature's gift controls the major part of the world economy However more than 60 billion m3 a year of freshwater is needed for a person cope with the annual global population growth of 80 million people In Asia alone urban populations can be expected to double in the year 2000 2030 Martine 2007 About 2 5 of the water is fresh water that does not contain significant levels of dissolved minerals or salt and two third of that is frozen in ice caps and glaciers Only 0 01 of the total water of the planet are accessible for consumption Fresh water is a finite resource essential for use in agriculture industry propagation of wildlife fisheries and for human existence Water recycling provides a great opportunity to conserve one of our natural resources that is essential for the survival of mankind

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