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Nestle is considered to be one of the best food and beverages Companies

Nestle is considered to be one of the best food and beverages companies not only in Pakistan but throughout the world The people working in the organization are concerned about developing the high standards in the market Their primary focus is to make sure that their products are best to use The main focus of this project is to study the marketing mix of Nestle Nescafe and different marketing strategies We went to Nestle Head Office in Upper Mall Lahore We had a detailed meeting with Media Manager Hassan Ali Syed about their organization and specifically Nestle Nescafe Our discussion carried on to discuss all the main aspects of this report like marketing mix BCG Matrix Product life cycle and SWOT analysis We have chosen this company because of its huge reputation This report will consist of the basic introduction of Nestle along with covering the main aspects while concluding with the recommendations after our analysis 1 Introduction Nestle is the king in food and beverage industry with extensive variety of items which go from toddlers to adulthood from breakfast to supper at home and everywhere else They have more than 16 different brands running in Pakistan 

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Another punching bag fell to the ground of the training Room

Bang Another punching bag fell to the ground of the training room Lillith ran her hand down her long blonde ponytail and huffed out of exhaustion That was the third bag to break in the hour She rolled it to the side then made her way to the bench After gulping her water she started to unwrap her fists While walking back to her room to shower her comm went off Agent Alexander you are needed in the conference room the deep male voice spoke She sighed and turned on fer heels to make her way to the 2nd floor The automatic doors welcomed her into the room She was greeted by the director of the agency and her fellow agents She took the nearest seat and spoke up What is going on sir We caught him Director Pierce replied Lillith s eyes went wide as she thought about the most recent case They were currently in pursuit of a highly dangerous man Theodore Swain He was the most wanted man for murders and attempts to take down the government Only the best of the best of the agency s members were assigned to the mission Pierce continued He was found at a coffee shop on 23rd What worries us is that he wasn't hiding He is scheduled to go under interrogation before his hearing Lillith nodded slowly Can I see him Her boss looked at her in shock Why would you want to do that She shrugged I am intrigued and he is in a maximum security cell right

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