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Macbeth Film Review Assignment

As I was watching Polanski s versions of Macbeth there were many things that Polanski did in his version that enhanced the overall experience that the original play did not The costume designs in the movie really added to the medieval feel of the era Macbeth was set in In the beginning of the film Macbeth s armour was dull and simple and was fully coated in cheap chainmail armour that every soldier was wearing but at the end of the movie when Macbeth is fighting young Siward he is wearing fully plated silver armour It shows how Macbeth has progressed during the story from him simply being a soldier undeserving of fancy armour to Macbeth being king with full silver plated armor thinking that he can not be defeated The armours that Macbeth wears shows his progressiveness of his arrogance Polanski directed the play in a way that enhances the original play and gives off a smoother transition between acts and scenes Polanski was not afraid to implement changes to the original Macbeth script from Shakespeare as he saw fit One example is the rearranged order of scenes in the play of the siege of Dunsinane castle where instead of Malcolm explaining the plan to cut down the Birnam wood forest beforehand 

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