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I don't really know what three of my greatest Strengths

I don't really know what three of my greatest strengths are I guess when I think of myself and maybe how others look at me I'm sometimes with the quality of humor caring and Independent I think Humor plays a big role in my life my parents are funny people my siblings minus one are some of the funniest people I have ever met So I think I kind of tie into that also maybe I should ask my friends one day I think caring is another word like I am always the person my friends come to in situations and I like to think I have a kind heart maybe a little to sensitive at times Yet the last thing is independent saying this I have always counted myself as one of those people who doesn't really need anyone else sure it would be nice but My mom kind of always taught me to rely on myself for everything cause in her own words people are snakes Which I get and totally agree so I think these are the best way to describe myself overall Thinking about a time I failed or made a mistake I can think of many but one that is related to school always comes to my mind We do the annual i step testing well my sophomore year I was ready had a good and positive mind about it 

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