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The Great War was the first war fought during the Industrial Age

World War I known as the Great War was the first war fought during the Industrial Age and the technology of machine guns caused military officials to change the tactical and physical aspects of warfare The machine guns ability to mow down enemies quickly and in great numbers forever changed the face of modern warfare Wall Street Journal Machine Guns This one deadly weapon could kill thousands in just a short period of time The machine gun drastically impacted how the war was fought The first automatic machine gun was invented by Hiram Maxim an American in 1884 Maxim s machine gun was completely self powered and worked by relying on the energy released in the firing cartridge that would then dislodge multiple bullets with nothing more than the pull of a trigger This kind of technology was unheard of and it was what prompted this primitive powerhouse to be first demonstrated by the British armed forces Norwich University Online How The Machine Gun Changed Combat during World War 1 This gun could fire 600 rounds per minute Towards the late 1890s Maxim started manufacturing his guns all over Europe demonstrating the guns for military officials who ordered them in large loads At one weapons demonstration in Switzerland an officer pulled Maxim aside to express his disbelief 

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The corporate culture that may be present when working with multinational corporations

The main purpose of this study is to better understand the corporate culture that may be present when working with multinational corporations All countries whether they are developed developing or emerging regions have their own basic business etiquette culture and manners that play into their decision making I am going to look into the important dimensions of both South Africa s and Mexico s culture when conducting business Keywords South Africa Mexico Managing Culture Managing Culture South Africa and Mexico Corporate Communication and Relationships South Africa In South Africa relationship building and networking is preeminent when conducting business Seeing that South African s are typically transactional leaders meaning they commonly exchange rewards for effort and performance and work on a something for something basis Luthans Doh 2018 they rely heavily on long term business relationships and tend to establish strong personal relationships before proceeding to business matters If a business leader is from another country it is best for them to introduce themselves formally in a face to face meeting in South Africa rather than using impersonal communication to build a stronger relationship A business leader must also be careful about avoiding confrontations to keep from tarnishing their relationship thus ruining the chance for future agreements or contracts Reynolds 2014 Mexico When it comes to relationships and communication with business leaders from Mexico one must also keep in mind that personal relationships are very important 

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