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All Muslims are immigrants and are from Pakistan

All Muslims are immigrants and are from Pakistan Islam is a religion of 1 8 billion followers and encompases a wide range of ethnicities cultures and traditions In the UK there are over 2 5 million Muslim 8 of whom are White British According to the 2011 census the ethnic diversity of British Muslims means that 68 of British Muslims are of Asian origin 1 in 12 is of White ethnicity and 47 of Muslims are UK born Although the UK is home to the largest Pakistani community in Europe 1 17 million Britain is home to Muslim populations from all over the world not only Asia or the Middle East 2 Islam and Muslims are not compatible with the West Islam is one of three Abrahamic faiths together with Judaism and Christianity Therefore Muslims believe that the essential message of their faith is no different from the core message of the other two faiths so commonly followed in the West The Quran the Muslim holy book contains accounts similar to the ones found in the Old and New Testaments such as the story of prophet Moses and the parting of the red sea Moreover a lot of the West s values and ethics resonated on the teaching of Prophet Muhammad the founder of Islam For example the Prophet believed in equality sincerity justice and forgiveness virtues that those who live in the West are encouraged to strive towards 

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History of Political Parties

History of Political Parties Each individual comes from a different story and he or she has their own perspective on the world Thus it is easy to see how different factions or parties of individuals with unique views emerged in the formation of government The creation of the two party system is comparable to a drop of water in the ocean it seems unharmful but the ripple effect will be most prominent in American History The longest running and current main political parties are the Democrats and the Republicans The exceptional changes in these parties throughout history have made the Democrat and Republican parties what they are today The Democratic Party was formed in 1824 after Andrew Jackson did not win the election although he did win the popular vote Because he was a war hero many citizens looked up to him and his views for the common man Slavery was the first major issue the party took on Many of the democrats of the time were southerners or lived in rural areas Most of the members of the Democratic party were slave owners and used them for business this would explain why they were adamant for pro slavery

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