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Energy related pollutants in Hanoi

1 Energy related pollutants in Hanoi Problems 1 1 Pollution in Hanoi Vietnam is facing an increasing number of environmental pollution challenges including air water pollution and solid waste etc Especially in Hanoi rapid urbanization combined with growing demand for energy resources and exponential growth in vehicular are contributing to deteriorating air quality The elements of pollution are called pollutants The National Ambient Air Quality Standards NAAQS of United State are developed for 6 common air pollutants also called criteria pollutants 1 2 Energy related pollutants and problems The major sources of air pollutants include the combustion of fuels for electricity generation transportations industries space heating and cooking This could understand as a way of using energy In a report of Air Quality Management in Hanoi vehicular fleet activity is a major source of emissions causing air pollution from the combustion of fuels A fair amount of criteria pollutants emissions come from coal and oil combustion in the industries Other emissions come from using the coal for heating and cooking is known as the burning of biomass such as straw rice husk Air pollution is one of the main causes of Green House Gas emission and has put a serious impact on human health The study of Global Burden of Disease in 2010 has ranked outdoor air pollution among the top 10 risks worldwide 2 Benefit and Cost Analysis for Air Pollution Due to the main goal of improve in human health welfare and ecological resources as well as to reduce the impact of the air pollution on Hanoi economy the government of our city needs a strict enforcement of environmental regulations for this problem

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