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NET Framework Features Introduction

Net Framework is the first step to enter the NET world The meant of the framework is to create applications which would run on the Windows Platform The Net framework is a software development platform which was developed by Microsoft in the year 2000 when its first version was launched The common language runtime which is most commonly abbreviated as CLR is the foundation of the NET Framework The NET Framework is a technology that carries building and running the Apps of next generation and XML Web services Sometimes the NET framework is also referred as Microsoft's Net Framework The NET framework has come a long way since its launching and the current version has evolved up to 4 6 1 Here we are going to give you some latest features of NET Framework 1 Profile optimization If you want to bring down this startup time then NET 4 5 has a feature which is usually called as profile optimization A profile is none but it is a simple file that contains a list of methods by which we get the information that which of the application will need during startup 

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