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Fourth and Fifth Stages Consolidation Stagnation

Fourth and Fifth Stages Consolidation Stagnation The beginning of the consolidation stage takes place after a substantial growth period The fourth and fifth stage are very challenging for Antarctica as destitution psycho centric appear A slower growth in the demand rate or a decrease in the destination s market share drives TCS to adjust to a decline in growth rates The moment the number of wealthy Chinese generation Y holidaymakers reaches its peak the expedition is on the fifth stage The expedition goes out of fashion for the target group TCS s main goal is to maintain its market share by sustaining customer loyalty How By starting a loyalty program that rewards the wealthy Chinese generation Y with special access to the products or services of luxury partners and by creating a Chinese virtual community linked to a CSR cause For example set up a charity and link it to the TCS brand It is vital to stress on TCS s brand differences benefits and encourage brand switching at this stage 

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World Literature and Composition Short Story

Claire Severson Mrs Janitschke World literature and Composition 1 1 3 18 Short Story I remember laying there in my blood He was standing over me and grinning I could have fought back but I didn t I could have screamed but I didn t I was stuck there frozen in time and paralyzed with fear I just lay there and let it happen watching the white winter sky go gray It was a cold December afternoon the type of cold that will bite any exposed skin and make your eyes water if you re outside long enough I bolted inside my empty house and glanced at the cardboard boxes I have yet to unpack I hear John in the next room making mac and cheese my favorite I walk into the kitchen and hop onto the counter next to him Hey I have to work late tonight again He says softly I look down he s worked late every night since we ve moved I nod my head hop down from the counter and grab some orange juice from my fridge I feel my phone buzz in my pocket I quickly reach for it and see a cheesy picture of my mom light up on the screen My mom has been texting me non stop since the move Hey have you seen Alex He got on the bus from school today but the school just called and said he wasn t there Text me ASAP im really worried I look down on my phone Alex is my younger brother he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was twelve it s livable but its hard on my mom I jump down from the counter and walk into the next room I reply I haven t seen him

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