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OCEAN AND COASTAL SEDIMENT POLLUTION ABSTACT The pollution in the marine or ocean sediments is an irreversible process This paper reviews an overall effects that causes the pollution The main reasons that causes the risk impact on marine life its food chain and the ecosystem are due to the dumping of plastic wastes oil spillage heavy metal interaction dredging etc An case study on is also discussed in this paper The US legislation has taken many acts against the ocean pollution Some of the policies are also noted here Keywords Micro plastics sediment pollution oil spillage legislation 1 INTRODUCTION As per an article published in The Hindu newspaper on 13 February 2015 it was stated that the total amount of plastic waste dumped worldwide are nearly eight million tons China is standing in the 1st position with 8 82 annually whereas India is ranked 12th with 0 6 tons annually As per the survey the total amount of waste generated will be doubled the number calculated by 2010 Even if we believe that The solution of pollution is dilution the recent studies shows a dramatic degradation of shore lines for the past three centuries due to the discharge from industries as well as the runoff from the agricultural lands Due to the increase in the coastal cities the pollution has increased rapidly Initially the dumping was started in rivers and lakes The ocean dumping was difficult due to the distance and hardness in transporting the waste But the waste from the ships were directly dumped in the mid of the sea 

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