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CAUSE OF THE ISSUE The housing market has skyrocketed in London The average price for an home in London is 2 times the price nationally The amount of housing does not equip to the demand of housing needed which is mainly the blame for the housing crisis in London As London population continues to grow it is projected to reach nine million people in 2 years Regeneration will become more necessary as the urban homes continue to need upkeep and renovations and cities continue to grow more dense Studies has shown that an estimate of 64 ooo homes are needed every year just to meet the demands of the population CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE THAT S HAPPENING IN HARINGEY At Haringey town hall council officials got together to discuss the housing crisis they are experiencing Without the input or response from the people inside this community the council officials decided to partner with Australian developer Lendlease to regenerate Haringey who has the highest wage inequality in the country This development plan is worth 2 billion dollars and will add 6 400 new homes to Haringey by knock down the old homes and rebuild new ones more densely

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