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A computer hardware engineer is someone who researches designs develops and tests computer systems and components such as processors circuit boards memory devices networks and routers In short they mainly build the computers that people around the world us almost every day They will design and draw out a new computer hardware system with material and all Sometimes they will even suggest to software developers what kinds of software will run the best with that hardware But that is only what people see on the outside The following will discuss education job skills earnings benefits employment facts and the typical day of a computer hardware engineer Before anything else in order to become a computer hardware engineer one must have a certain level of education like almost any job According to www study com computer engineers must have a bachelor's degree which is four years of study in college www collegedata com says that the average pay for a bachelor's degree in the U S A is 33 480 In order to do the researching side of computer engineering though one would need a doctorate which is about five years of study People can receive education for their degrees in colleges or universities A small amount of colleges will accept people with only a minimum of three years of high school But most need all three years of it for you to be able to apply 

According to www world education info there are five personal traits that are very important in order to be a good computer hardware engineer First they must have good critical thinking skills to be able to assess their situations and make solutions to their projects Designing skills are also needed so that they can have a design on paper before they start to begin actually making it Being good at mathematics are necessary to help find out the total cost of a project and how much the company you are making it for wants it to be Good reading and writing skills are also necessary to be able to properly read technical documentation of how equipment works And they will also sometimes have to write down how they might build something Computer hardware engineers usually work in groups so they will usually be using team working skills throughout their whole career Being analytically sound is a necessary skill for them to have to be able to work with machines All in all if a possible employer were to have all these skills they would be perfect for the job Now let's talk about earnings because it's the one biggest reasons someone would get a job in the first place According to www sokanu com Computer hardware engineers will typically earn about 20 24 per hour and 42 090 per year in the Wisconsin area These are the beginning salaries for when you pretty much just begin In the United States of America U S A the median of the beginning salary is 31 52 per hour and 65 570 per year But when get to the senior level then you get a pretty big cash advance In the Wisconsin area you get 56 50 per hour and 117 520 annually In the U S A as a whole though you get 67 92 per hour and 142 280 annually Salaries can and commonly do get affected by factors such as location demand of the product and also of employer 

The two biggest benefits from computer hardware engineering are really just the rhigh salary and the growing demand for them The growing demand means that it would be easier to find a job Computer hardware engineers will also get health and life insurance vacation days sick days and retirement plan There is not much of a way to get hurt because you are mainly drawing sketches for computers The only other benefit that computer hardware engineering gives you is that you are paid off of work The employment for computer hardware engineers is expected to go up by 3 1 percent in 10 years While this is a fairly small number at least it will open up some new opportunities One factor that can affect employment is competition because businesses will most likely try to change something in order to stay ahead of everyone else Most computer hardware engineers will work a 40 hour work week which is 8 hours per day During that work day the engineer will be busy designing blueprints of new computer equipment and then making and testing new hardware designs After they analyze the results they make any adjustments needed to it Computer hardware engineers will also be upgrading current computer equipment to make sure that it is compatible with new software They will also supervise the manufacturing for the new hardware Altogether I think I would be a pretty good computer hardware engineer because while I do like to work with and experiment with new and interesting things I also have a lot of the personality traits that you need to have to be one I think that I would just really enjoy having this job while it also is a pretty well paying job non the less too I hope this presentation helped you understand more about what computer hardware engineers do

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