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Faith is hard to define because it means different things to different people Words may not even be enough to describe what faith is because it is based on your deepest feelings and beliefs There is not one clear definition of what faith is that applies to all because everyone has their own opinion about it For me faith is about trusting that God has a plan for each of us Whether it is the people we meet throughout our life or the opportunities that come our way it was part of God's plan for each individual I have faith that God is watching out for us It might seem cliché but I always believe that everything happens for a reason I believe that I have lots of faith and I have God to thank for it I feel that people who are optimistic usually have a lot of faith If you believe that good things are going to happen they probably will while if you think bad things will happen it is more likely for them to occur I think karma is also a big factor when it comes to the good and bad I think that is why it is so important to always be our best person and treat others how we would want to be treated Faith keeps us behaving with morality so we develop into the best person and make the right decisions that guide us through the obstacles of life from when we are a child through college and into adulthood Positivity is key for faith and a happy lifestyle I think that faith comes and goes this means that when everything is going well it is easier to have high hopes and have faith When things are not going so well people start to lose their faith In my opinion faith is a positive thing but it can be hard to believe that things whether good or bad are only happening because of faith 

Since it is unknown the trust is in our minds and our hearts that having faith is real In my personal experience different personalities have varying levels of faith For instance both of my parents say they have faith in me that I will do well in life My Mom believes we are capable of anything and she has faith that no matter what happens we will come out on top My Dad thinks knowledge is more important than faith and that the only way to overcome doubt and reduce anxiety is by being fully prepared I believe that because faith is unknown depending on the person and the situation doubt and anxiety still can coincide with it For example little situations like having faith that you will ace an exam while still having anxiety and doubt about it I think it may be hard to understand what faith is to each individual until they go through an experience that guides them to believe that it is real Imagine one of your family members got their dream job but it was far away from home They would have a few paths they could take including taking the job or declining and waiting around for the next one Instead of being discouraged they decide to take a leap of faith and believe that the plan for them will work out to their advantage and that it will be worth taking the job or if they wait around for the next one the opportunity will be even greater Whether this individual had faith before taking this job would give them the faith to believe that everything will happen in their favor if they believe Faith is important but it is not always the only thing you should rely on 

Take a sick child for instance faith is going to be at an all time high It is important to pray and put faith in God but you want to also have faith in the hospital doctors and the treatment to ensure the best outcome It is just like how you re not going to get an A without doing homework just because of your faith I believe your faith can be tested based on the outcome of the situations a person encounters If your relative who took a leap of faith by moving for a job feels it was the best thing that ever happened to them their faith will be strong Likewise if the sick child recovers faster than anyone predicted then the parent s faith will be stronger than ever However if the opposite occurred and the outcome in these situations was terrible then a person could lose trust in their faith Sometimes all the hope and optimism in the world isn't enough To conclude faith is the strongest and most important spirit that influences us without even realizing it Having faith in something is never a known fact but must be something that we trust on our own While I believe Faith would be a good thing as easy as it is to gain it is to lose faith in beliefs as well It gives us the spiritual courage to do things outside of our comfort zone

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