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What is OOPS Object Oriented Programming System is compressed as OOPS It is considered as collection of objects 02 Write basic concepts of OOPS Abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Guru Frank M Carrano 2013 03 What is a class It is a representation of the type of object and it describes the details of an object of blueprint plan and template 04 What is an object The object has its own state behavior and identity It termed as an instance of a class 05 What is Encapsulation We do encapsulation when we need to hide data It is an attribute of an object This data we can be confined to the members of that class 06 What is Polymorphism It is assigning behavior or value in a subclass to something that was declared in the main class Normally it takes more than one forms 07 What is Inheritance If one class shares the structure and behaviors to another class this concept called as inheritance There are two concepts First one is single inheritance means it applied for one class the next one is multiple inheritance means depends on multiple classes 08 What are manipulators 

The functions that can be used in conjunction with the insertion operators on an object The best examples are endl and setw 09 Define a constructor When we initialize the state of an object and it gets invoked at the time of object creation is called constructor The constructor name should be same as the class name and should have no return type 10 Define Destructor It is a public member function that reclaims all the memory allocated to the object back to system We called it when object s self scope terminates 11 What is Inline function It a technique used by compilers and instructs to insert the complete body of the function that used in the program source code 12 What is a virtual function It is a member function of class It can be overridden in its derived class It can be implemented by using the keyword call virtual and given during function declaration 13 What is friend function This function can access to public private or protected data in that same class It should be defined in the class otherwise it cannot access such data It can declare anywhere in the class declaration but it cannot be affected by access control keywords like public private or protected 14 What is function overloading It is a normal function that perform different tasks It allows to creation of different methods with same name which differ from each other by type of input and output of the function 15 What is operator overloading 

This is a function where operators applied and depends on the arguments Operators like can be used to pass through the function with their own precedence to execute 16 What is an abstract class This class cannot be instantiated If we use abstract class we cannot create an object but it can be inherited This class contains only abstract method and it allows in Java while for other language it allows non abstract method as well 17 What is a ternary operator This operator takes three arguments The results and arguments are different data types but it depends on the function This operator has another name is conditional operator 18 What is the use of finalize method If we want to cleanup operations on the resources which are not currently used the finalize method is the best method to do it It can be used only through this class or by derived class 19 What are different types of arguments 01 Call by value when value passed it will get modified only inside that function also it returns the same value that is passed in to the function 02 Call by reference when value passed it will modified inside and outside the function It returns same or different value 20 What is super keyword We use it to invoke overridden method which overrides one of its super class method If we want to access hidden members of the super classes we can use overridden method and it allows to access overridden method 21 What is method overriding 

It allows subclasses to provide implementation of a method that is already defined in the main class It helps to override the implementation in the super class with providing same parameter method and return type 22 What is an interface The collection of abstract method called as an interface If the class implements an inheritance and then thereby inherits all the abstract methods of an interface 23 What is exception handling An event that occurs during the execution of the program is called exception It can be error type or run time These two types are managed properly with exception handling mechanism like try catch and throw keywords 24 What are tokens Keywords identifiers constants string literals are best examples for the tokens It can recognize by compiler It cannot be broken down it to component elements Brackets braces commas and parentheses are also considered as tokens

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