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What type of sinner resides in this section of hell What is their punishment How does this punishment fit the sin The Evil Counselors are the sinners that reside in the Eighth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell Essentially these are people that used their power and their intellect for evil The punishment is to reside in flames that flicker in the dark valley of the eighth pouch Each flame is to contain a sinner to suffer for a fraud they committed The poetic justice is that the they are moving endlessly inside these great flames which are representative of their guilty conscience set aflame 2 Name and briefly give the story of famous sinner s Dante speaks with in this canto A famous sinner that Dante speaks with is Guido da Montefeltro He was a original member of the Ghibellines and eventually underwent a religious conversion to join a Franciscan monastery However he was persuaded by Pope Boniface VIII to enter politics on the opposing side Boniface asked him for advice on conquering Palestrina and promised absolution in advance of he helped even if his counsel was false He agreed to provide wrong counsel which was his biggest sin This monumental sin that burdens Guido is observed when his soul tells Dante He demanded my advice and I kept silent for his words seemed drunken to me until he said Your soul need fear no wound I absolve your guilt beforehand XXVII 95 99 3 Describe the landscape Any rivers What are the other distinguishing features of this landscape There are not many distinguishable features as this eighth pouch is simply a dark ominous valley This valley is set ablaze with several flames of the sinners 4

Any monsters or creatures here Name and describe them What purpose do they serve There are no creatures in this canto 5 How does Dante fare in this section What are his main questions concerns How does he feel about the sinners he encounters in this canto After Dante heard of ulysses story from the previous Canto he starts down his path again to be stopped by Guido da Montefeltro In this section Dante is shown to be gradually becoming more understanding to the situation As the soul of Guido could only communicate with him instead of Virgil Dante is clearly less afraid of the souls he encounters in contrast to how he acted in previous Cantos 6 How does Virgil aid and or teach Dante in this canto Does anyone else help Dante in this canto The only action that Virgil commits during this section is urging Dante to speak with the soul of Guido da Montefeltro who they encounter Indeed Virgil states This one is Italian you speak to him XXVII 33 after nudging Dante This illustrates how Virgil is trying to bring Dante out of his shell and feel more comfortable communicating with these souls Nonetheless he acts as Dante's guide by reinforcing the moral lesson that he should not sympathize with sinners or remain too long in a certain region of Hell Thus Dante and Virgil leave quickly after talking with Guido 7 Identify and explain one epic simile in the canto As the Sicilian bull that bellowed first with cries of that one so lacking any outlet to escape from the burning soul that was inside the flame the suffering words became the fire s language 7 15 This Epic Simile is used to illustrate how the flaming soul that appeared to Dante is described as a Sicilian bull because it bellows and cries like one 8 What is the most powerful image in this canto Why Think about the senses the image evokes and how the image engages the reader Almost this whole Canto was Guido discussing why he was in this section of Hell

I believe the most powerful image was when Virgil and Dante confront this spirit A feeling of pity is evoked from the epic simile as shown in lines 7 to 15 While Guido may have been a strong spirit the epic simile shows how his will has deteriorated after being stuck in that flame during the afterlife The reader can imagine how Guido resembles a Sicilian bull in being full of pent up energy to talk to Dante 9 Include two or three other points of discussion that you discovered upon closer examination of the canto These may include a connection to a previous canto an observation connecting The Inferno to another text or concept we have studied or a detailed explanation of a literary device The first point of discussion is how Dante s discussion of Italians in his Hell points out their political wrongdoings Indeed he discusses how whatever they did is minor and those of patriotism Even in this Canto he takes pride in his devotion to them when Dante takes pride in the devotion of his compatriots to their fatherland Secondly Dante s invocation of Aristotelian values shows how he values the significance of reason in moral decision making He illustrates in this section how he believes that Christians who have moral dilemmas must use reasoning instead of blindly following church figures as illustrated through Da Montefeltro tale with Boniface

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