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When ubiquitous digital systems are fast replacing every mode of manual transaction and same time are tracing every transaction and supplying users with a colossal data to look into A need for design intervention is clearly seen at this juncture where the information in all its complexity is to be transformed into insightful nuggets that are comprehended easily by the stakeholders Innate artistic impulsion towards human peculiarities and assimilated technological rationale are the greatest factors leading me to pursue Master of Science in Information as it offers me the opportunity to amalgamate the businesses I feel passionately about IT Art and Design Vidya Pardevta in Sanskrit translates to Education is God in the realm of practical world and has been the unofficial motto of my parents who have always motivated me to acquire a holistic view on all aspects of life But what caught my attention were the innumerable innovations exploding in the orbit of technology and thus came my resolution to take up undergraduate studies in Information Technology During this tenure I attained dexterity at implementing comprehensive solutions for information problems using C C Java and Python coupled with operations of DBMS Data Structures and Software Engineering One such project was Almanac accomplished under Prof Jitendra Parmar a Java based web desktop application designed to bridge the communication gap between students and faculty Successful completion of this project stoked my interest in Web Designing and Programming especially because it enabled me to see the rendered visual of my efforts I made Art Ritambhara a website with a striking look and feel to showcase my artworks 

Currently I am pursuing a team project aimed at creating an Android application employing Interaction Design principles and AI technologies meant to aid children with learning disabilities Apart from solving problems these projects enhanced my technical aptitude and inculcated in me the ability to work in intensive immersive contact with a cohort Beyond my curriculum I developed a React Native application under Mr Nikit Phadke a React Native consultant in California along with other variegated exercises to get acquainted with the newest trends in technology which were graded by Dr Swati Jain chairperson of Swati Jain Education Group I also worked as her teaching assistant which imparted the patience and etiquette in me to deal with people of different temperaments As mentioned Art is another emblematic bailiwick of my life I began painting at a very young age winning accolades and awards in my school and college life amplifying my inclination towards it not leaving a single wall of my room unpainted I am keen on working with human anatomy and expression capturing the quintessence of different human personas As an avocation I rejoice in designing chimerical products on papers These diversions serve well as a workout for my right brain and help me identify problems keenly and solve them creatively Getting deft at Adobe Photoshop Illustrator and a sundry of art media over time has enabled me to work as a commissioned graphic designer and wall painting artist Creativity for me is not just restricted to fine arts but is a way of life which I follow in everything I do I have also taken up initiatives towards raising awareness about career scope in related field one of which was a city level exhibition providing a pedestal for local artists to display their talent Being an artist who relishes working with visual media a designer who enjoys solving problems and a tech aficionado I feel satisfied when I coalesce these fortes into my work 

My affinity towards HCI has emerged from this factor Professionally pursuing things that one is passionate about is exactly the luxury MSI is affording for me as it would help me combine my creativity with leading edge technologies to create interactive experiences which have now become a part of the convention to build integrated and context relevant solutions for addressing contemporary issues UMSI will equip me with the know how of transforming complex information and data into user experiences on various digital platforms which lead to efficient knowledge and generation of insights Moreover learning under Prof Kimiko Ryokai would help me develop insights leading to the invention of new technology as her transdisciplinary approach at application of technology is extremely unique which would be advantageous for me as in Human Computer Interaction New Media Design and UX Design reside my primary career goals post MS Prof Marti Hearst s avant garde research on Data Visualization is another pivotal factor which attracted me to this program as it is my next academic goal to explore this field Besides gearing me up with skills to rise in my career being a part of University of Michigan will usher me into a tight knit extraordinary network which will open innumerable doors for me in bay area Apart from the dearth of such a course in my country the reason which allures me to pursue this course is the prospect of studying in a diverse country like the US which will not only provide me a tangible degree but also myriad opportunities to interact with the diverse student community Finally I am convinced that I possess the apposite concoction of skills crucial for succeeding in the interdisciplinary program of MSI and gain attributes essential for an individual to delineate the future of technology its interaction with humans and beyond

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