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Song of Solomon Essay Where do I come from In the book song of solomon By Toni Morrison names are very powerful They have a huge impact on people Many people might say names are just names they're not important they don't mean anything In reality they do they make you think about your history and your past Like where does my name come from What does it mean Milkman really don't care for his name he just don t like the fact that why was his name dead he didn't like it he felt dead just because of his name Names are powerful in the book we look at how Milkman at first don t care for his name But once he went back to his family town he noticed how important it was he found out things about his culture that don't know about 

After he found out that people honor his grandfather and father name he felt powerful But milkman isn't like any other african american Milkman realizes that his family history means alot to him and that it is important to find his own people He goes back to Sweet s place On the way there he comes across to Guitar Guitar accuses Milkman of stealing the gold from the cave and shipping it to Virginia Milkman denies doing anything Guitar is convinced that he's lying He saw Milkman helping an old man lift a heavy crate He's convinced that Milkman has stolen the gold Milkman is preventing Guitar from carrying out his mission for the Seven Days Guitar promises to do everything he can do to kill him On chapter 9 Pg 236 Milkman starts to talk about his father The son of the fabulous macon dead He bragged a little How many houses his father owned how of a great life his dad had and all those great and lovely things he owned Milkam loved talking about how wealthy his father as with all these amazing things he owned I guess you can say he liked to brag about him to his people Which that made the ppl like him very much and feel like he doesn't belong three with them Milkman loved bragging about his people and especially about his dad It made him feel powerful and have people love him and be proud about In Danville he finds an old friend of his father Reverend Cooper who tells Milkman that he knows his people Reverend Cooper tells Milkman stories about his father's life 

He  notices that he knows much about his father He feels like he's starting to know his father and feels some type of feeling like close to him But the man tells milkman on Pg 230 it says 

They had a fine place Mighty fine Some white folks own it now Course that's what they wanted That's why they shot him This shows how things aren't okay and being milkman he's considered white himself How does he feel about that anger or not sure because if he's consider white he shouldn't care but then again that's his dad He should feel anger how things happened like that just because he lived in a lovely place Milkman doesn't realize the struggle many of his fellow African Americans are going through each day and night He doesn't see the struggle they go through or he doesn't seem to worry about anyone other than himself He wants to live on his own away from his family but he doesn't want to work In order to receive power or things he would rather sit until somethings come to him Lets not forget he's a member of a wealthy African American family Milkman has it easier than most of the ppl that are alike like him in order to to succeed he has a bigger chance than anyone else He just doesn't put the effort Names are very important in this book Your name tells a story where are you from How important are you to your people In the story milkman was very well known person not because of himself because of his heritage and how he had the name Dead people knew him very well Sometimes he would hate it and constantly not like it but once he found out he's background everything started to change for him on the way he looked at things But deep down milkman is going to always be different he was raised differently compared to anyone he was a black man with a rich life Something you don't see often it's usually white people who are the ones who are rich

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