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Morphology of the tissue

Morphology of the tissue 25 300 At low magnification the sample appears to be lung tissue due to the presence of air sacs This is confirmed at a higher magnification as there are visible alveolar sacs however these appear to be atypical In the absence of disease alveoli are surrounded by a layer of squamous epithelial cells However in this sample there appears to be hyperplasia of the alveoli epithelium This abnormal epithelial cell growth is a clear sign of disease A vast vascular system is identifiable by many circular clear spaces filled with erythrocytes Smooth muscle cells are the prominent cell type visible in the lung structure There are signs of fibrosis demonstrated by the thicker areas of pale pink stained tissue seen This fibrosis is widespread across the sample suggesting extensive tissue damage The fibrosis has caused a honeycomb appearance Infiltration of lymphocytes neutrophils and macrophages are seen near areas of fibrosis suggesting ongoing chronic inflammation with signs of both long term and short term inflammation visible Across the sample the alveolar macrophages can be seen engulfing the brown fibres Brown and black fibres are visible in the H E stain suggesting inhalation of a foreign substance 

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Darwin's theory of Evolution History

Intro Darwin's theory of evolution forever changed evolution Somethings of his theories have been modified a little bit but for the most part it is still the same Darwin's ideas have made life different because of his finding in the finches on the Galapagos islands biography Darwin was born on February 12 1809 He was the fifth child of Robert and Susana Darwin He was born is Shrewsberry England James R Farr In 1825 he attended Edinburgh university He also attended John Stevens University to learn about botany He later received his bachelor's degree in botany in 1831 Gale After he graduated college he went to work on the HMS Beagle He worked on the crew for five years He rejected catastrophism because of what he was seeing in the land in south america Darwin also discovered that evolution was an ongoing struggle In 1859 a big storm of protesters were saying Darwin's theory on specialization was wrong James R Farr He also argued with many people that earth was millions of years old and not just hundreds of thousands Darwin was the first person to propose natural selection

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