Essay Example on White privilege Unpacking the invisible knapsack by Peggy Mcintosh








In Women's studies Gender Race and class we have been assigned many readings throughout the weeks for this assignment we have been told to choose four With much thought I have chosen White privilege Unpacking the invisible knapsack by Peggy Mcintosh Closing the wealth gap by Megan Kuebler Seeing privilege where it isn t by Bethany M Coston and Michael Kimmel and lastly inequality and growth of bad jobs By Matt Vidal Each of these articles talk about different parts of society and gender race and class and many have similar thoughts Each author has a different way to draw and reach their conclusions of the argument they are making In the article white privilege by Peggy Mcintosh the author speaks about white privilege and how it is similar to male privilege it is commonly denied and also protected and that her white privilege puts her at an advantage because she was born white In this study the author makes their argument based on qualitative research research that uncovers trends in thoughts and opinions and it dives deeper into the problem of white privilege Macintosh has two questions that they answer in their argument and they are

What is it like to have white privilege and also Having described it how do I end it Mcintosh P 74 This author used a personal study that does not include many people she studied her everyday life and wrote down each thing that she had an advantage in over people of color Some of these include finding makeup to match her skin tone easily and having it labeled flesh colored and also being able to use checks credit cards and cash to pay when shopping and Mcintosh says I can count on my skin color to not work against me in the appearance of financial reliability The author uses more personal writing in this article I feel this is because she did a personal study and did not need other sources to back up her findings The next article that will be analyzed is Closing the wealth gap by Megan Kuebler This article is about gap of equality for homeowner ship between whites and minorities and how home ownership can affect the outcome for success in a child The authors argument is that living in an owned home rather than a rented home gives you an advantage for success when you are older The author uses a qualitative data based on studies done with the percentage of people in each group whites Hispanics and blacks that own homes and how it affects success rates in the community Kuebler performs close analytic readings in this and uses many different sources of different studies to support her research and I believe that the sources supported their argument well Most of the writing in this is memoir and used from many different sources this makes the article very different than the last but both authors prove valid arguments 

Seeing privilege where it isn t by Bethany M Coston and Michael Kimmel the authors give an overview of studies that show how disability sexuality and class change how men experience masculinity Gay working class and disabled men are often seen as not men to many people Many people also often feel that they do not associate masculinity to these groups of men due to the stereotypes from society The authors believe privilege is not monolithic it is unevenly distributed and it exists worldwide Coston and Kimmel s argument and question to answer for this research was What does it mean to be privileged by gender and simultaneously marginalized by class sexuality or bodily status Coston and Kimmel p 179 For this article I believe the authors used quantitative research similar to closing the wealth gap Coston and Kimmel use many different groups of men in their research to come to a conclusion as to whom is affected the most and how it affects them The authors use many different sources in their writing to back their research and findings I feel that using these sources helps to validate their work and also gave more info to the readers about the matter This study uses all three categories Gender Race and Class in their research of seeing privilege where it is and isn t The last article that I will be analyzing is inequality and growth of bad jobs By Matt Vidal In this article he speaks of the inequality and the growth of bad jobs

These bad jobs have minimum skill requirements and are paid very low but the country could not survive without these bad jobs so it is really unfair in many situations for the employees of these bad jobs Vidal is similar to the last two articles he uses quanitative information to base his argument Vidal uses mostly personal writing and all of his facts seem to be from his own findings The author uses gender race and class to break down who are working these bad jobs and how we as a society are affecting that Similar to white privilege by Peggy Mcintosh I feel that the author should have used sources from other researchers that also studied the same topic I feel that it would bring some substantial validity to his work rather than just only the others findings through his own research I am sure there have been other researchers that have found similar information These readings are different than other readings I have had in classes I feel this is because I have not really been exposed to this kind of research Each article in this book is different from the next yet each article has something similar to another Each author has a different way to draw and reach their conclusions of the argument they are making yet they all are able to come to a valid conclusion based on their research along with others

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