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Things in society today are counted as or referred to as Influential

So many things in society today are counted as or referred to as influential Not disagreeing with anyone about what's classified as influential but for something to be truly influential it should have an impact on life and people today The Black Death proves that The Black Death also known as the plague took over 75 million lives overall and was a very gruesome disease Many symptoms were as followed swollen lymph nodes coughing blood fever fatigue delirium black boils and vomiting The list goes on and on but there is a major mystery that comes along with the plague what caused it There are several theories and evidence proving those theories but there currently isn't a solid answer as to what caused it The Black Death is influential today because of the following three reasons The social effects of the Black Death on everyday life Impact on churches and faith Advances in the health of people today The Black Death was the cause of over 75 million people causing friends and families to be split Many centuries passed before the total population was able to restore back Whipps stated Whipps livescience com 2497 black death changed world html With the loss of over 75 million lives the bodies piled up on the side of roads and streets leaving a permanent image in the survivors of the plague

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