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I chose Implementing a pediatric fall prevention policy and Program

I chose this one in particular because I had a fall incident occur with my son during our stay at a pediatric hospital so this was of particular interest to me The ACE model was used as a tool for an evidenced based clinical practice guideline with a goal of preventing pediatric falls from occurring The purpose was to seek out the pediatric portion of patients that are at risk for falls and to apply a fall prevention program to those who are at risk Discovery research creates a frame of research about scientific and clinical summary In order to understand the connotation of a particular research it's imperative to recognize and comprehend the primary research studies that the evidence based practice was based upon This stage builds the corpus of research about clinical activities With pediatric patients at a high risk for injury due to falls The Joint Commission recommends each hospital have a method of identifying and screening children at risk Rouse et al 2014 as cited in Murray Vess Edlund 2016 The purpose of evidence summary is to integrate the body of research knowledge into a significant and expressive statement of the state of the science State of Texas University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio n d For this article is was looking at other research methods to support the prevention of falls in regards to the pediatric patient population

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