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Who attends play based for our school teacher school pathologist ot pt if concerns some authors argue that they also can serve as a basis for discriminative decisions and planning When I asked one of our ECSE teachers if she felt that this was true about TPBA she said that if used correctly it isn t discriminating but instead allowing the student to get the Investigate this assessment instrument and write a 2 3 page report on it Include and overview of the instrument what it measures reliability and validity data the cost where it is available and how it is used in early intervention settings If the instrument is available in your school district speak with the person s responsible for administering the assessment tool to gather more information on its uses and function Post this information in the form of a narrative with headings brochure or powerpoint presentation to the Assessment Instrument Investigation Blog Read at least two other colleagues post and using the comment feature provide a substantive critique and or feedback on how you might use the assessment tool that was investigated COST buying as a set costs 329 95 Order TPBA2 TPBI2 the Administration Guide for TPBA I2 and the TPBA I2 Forms CD ROM for 329 95 a savings of 70 TPBA2 is a curriculum based assessment that professionals can use in their center or home to assess children birth 6 through observation of their play complete with tables that compare their children to typically developing children TPBI2 helps professionals clearly understand the data gathered in the play based assessment and then how to address global outcomes and properly intervene 

The essential Administration Guide for TPBA I2 explains how to use the entire system and how to link assessment to intervention The TPBA I2 Forms CD ROM includes all the print forms in a PDF format plus additional forms and tools for complete planning tracking and reporting including the NEW Percent Delay Calculator for determining eligibility and the NEW OSEP Calculator that automatically assigns each child an OSEP category Reliability and validity are hard to find because the play based is assessed on observation through play and does not look for definitive yes or no answers the validity of the test varies with the observers One article stated that With only 1 or 2 studies of reliability or validity on each play based assessment tool and the poor to fair methodological quality of the studies it was difficult to draw conclusions about any individual assessment or the group of play based assessments as a whole Therefore reliability and validity for each play based assessment need to be considered carefully before research or clinical application Another article entitled Reliability and Validity of Play based Observations relationship between the PLAY behaviour observation system and standardised measures of cognitive and social skills stated that when operationally defined play observation methods were used observers were able to record accurately the level of play exhibited by each child and these play behaviours did reflect the child's current cognitive and social developmental functioning Even though there are not definitive numbers stating the exact validity of this assessment it shows that if you gather the right professionals to administer this assessment the results that you get are going to be valid reliable and beneficial for those involved Focuses on all areas of development It is used when families are school professionals have a concern with a child's development and they suspect a delay in the child's learning

Used for children one month to 6 as well as for children that are functioning within this age range Reasons it can be used in school 1 determination of eligibility for special education and other services 2 identification of the type of services the child and family need 3 development of intervention plans such as Individualized Family Service Plans IFSPs or Individualized Education Plans IEPs 4 evaluation of a child's progress within a program or as a result of intervention and 5 determination of strategies to try in Response to Intervention RTI Rationale Authentic looking at how children function in their natural state Developmentally appropriate can be modified to the level of child Child oriented Family focused families are completely involved Team collaborated holistically Comprehensive useful information instead of just numbers All the developmental domains Sensory motor Vision screening Emotional and social Communication Hearing screening Cognitive math science and literacy Different disciplines psychologist speech language pathologist therapist ot pt teacher vision and hearing specialist nurse Family facilitator Play facilitator helping child hit all domains to help with hitting all observations needed Observers Preliminary info first meeting with families Planning meeting all info had and gets everyone on the same page Play session 45 an hour Debriefing with family how they felt about the process questions comments concerns ideas about next steps for child and for the assessment process Team discussion if child is eligible strengths and weaknesses TPBA2 is a holistic approach that is assessed through play It

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