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Firstly in order to find out why people follow fashion bloggers it is essential to understand the reasons of following fashion because a fashion blogger is an intermediary for them to achieve fashion and gain psychological and emotional rewards of this achievement Therefore the reasons of why respondents follow fashion were investigated as an indirect explanation of research question Respondents define fashion as a way to express themselves They show their personality and mood through clothes This is connected with the statement explained in literature review that fashion products are used as a particular code or language system generating a message about self image and identity In addition it is related to the fact that people pick their garments through which they can materialize and express self concept In fact possession is a way to communicate the self concept to others Thus people can display who they are and what they want to be by possession For me fashion means interpreting trends in my inner world and showing it to outside I follow trends but not all of them I pick some of them according to my personality and my mood 

Especially colors they absolutely reflect my mood Fashion is a way to express myself and I get dressed according to my mood Most participants associate fashion with feeling good in outfits and they care how they look and how they feel They are concern about being beautiful and good looking This situation is a proof of the facts that fashion is a way of self presentation fashion generates an outer beauty and people are willing to control the impressions others form of them The aim of that action is a wish to influence others to gain rewards such as self confidence or compliments by their peers and generate an image which is consistent with one's personal identity like dressing a fashionable garments to be perceived as young and trendy by other people On the other hand while applying fashion rules they don t want to be out of their comfort zones Fashion is wearing becoming clothes In my opinion it is wearing comfortable clothes but feeling self confident beautiful and stylish Fashion is enjoying what a person wears and it is both acting and dressing fittingly In addition it should be liked by others Clothes should fit and look good on me but at the same time they should be close to fashion I choose the clothes in which I feel good beautiful elegant and cool then I feel comfortable in the outfits They also consider fashion as an unavoidable movement and they believe at some point people follow fashion unintentionally 

Moreover according to some participants it is a kind of need This underlines the fact explained in the literature review that fashion satisfies the needs of a person it's a part of the hierarchy of needs developed Abraham Maslow Fashion belongs to the level of esteem needs Therefore fashion is a step helping people fulfill their needs required to achieve the self actualization In addition for others it is a part of life Even if you do not follow fashion it follows and affects you Without even realizing you pick your clothes according to fashion For example today nobody dresses like in 90s Therefore everybody has to follow fashion somehow and it happens unavoidably Therefore it is not something that you decide to follow or not Fashion is something that you have to follow It is a kind of need to achieve adapting to society I cannot say I don't follow fashion because today every clothes bought from mall or stores are designed according to the latest fashion And at some point I like and purchase them Maybe I don t purchase fashion intentionally but the clothes are outcome of fashion 

The participants were asked if they follow fashion trends and how All of them state they follow fashion trends and to be aware of trends they do research This is related to the fact explained in the previous chapter that clothing is a high involvement product category and fashion involvement is a person's perception of significance and awareness regarding clothes In addition some of the results of fashion involvement are increased acquisition of product and brand information Since they do research a lot before purchasing participants are highly involved in fashion and fashion purchase These all explanations are the reasons why the participants follow fashion but at the same due to the fact fashion blogger is an intermediary for them to reach fashion they can be accepted as indirect reasons of following fashion bloggers because they think fashion bloggers help them learn requirements of fashion achievement faster easier and better Furthermore the main source of information about the fashion that they resort is Instagram In addition it is important to notice that Instagram is just a platform they can touch fashion through fashion bloggers on Instagram

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