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Will Trump's America First Message Steal the Davos Stage Creating a shared future in a fractured world is the theme for this year's World Economic Forum at Davos How will Donald Trump's agenda fit within this theme What will the impact of Trump's presence have on the global elite What a difference a year makes In 2017 President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China and the General Secretary of the Communist Party was making a speech at Davos on the benefits of globalization and free trade Serendipitously at almost the same time Trump's inauguration speech as the 45th president of the United States introduced his America First doctrine with an unmistakable anti trade tone Davos 2017 Highlights President Xi was the headliner at Davos 2017 with a clear message that China's development is an opportunity for the world The vacuum created by the US and UK rejection of globalism was eagerly filled by China and was considered the country s debut as a global leader In addition to Xi a hand full of senior Chinese government figures and dozens of corporate and government officials also attended Davos for the first time 

A noticeable increase in the sessions focused on Asia occurred in 2017 including one called Asia Takes the Lead which gave a clear indication to country and business leaders You should be focused on Asia Jack Ma CEO at Alibaba was one of the high profile 2017 attendees His message to the Davos attendees to showcase China as an innovation leader Several of the CEOs attending agreed with Jack including Bernard Charles CEO of multinational software company Dassault Systemes who noted that China is delivering incredible innovations One of the CEOs from China to attend was Jack Ma from Alibaba who was focused on showcasing China as an innovation country Xi vs Trump Both leaders spent 2017 focused on their domestic messaging and economies Davos became the stage for Xi to debut China as a global leader The power and the passion of Xi s 2017 Davos keynote speech electrified the room Being fortunate enough to attend his speech and the banquet after I can confirm that 2017 was going to be a momentous transition year for China They both also realize that whoever is to be the largest economy will need a global focus But as 2017 unfolded Trump decided to snub his nose to the world pull out of the Paris climate accords where Xi reconfirmed China's commitment 

When the World Bank asked for more money Trump answered NO Xi s infused the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank still excludes the US and Japan with cash Trump slashed aid from the US Xi is investing in infrastructure projects around the world Trump is renegotiating NAFTA but Xi was clear at Davos in 2017 the global economy is a big ocean from which no country can escape Trump at Davos To understand the impact of Trump at Davos let's set the stage As you can imagine the halls of the WEF at Davos are bustling with panel discussions policy speeches and meetings with varying degrees of privacy Most of the participants are corporate executives doing business with each other and looking for a conversation or quick face time with country leaders The true unique ingredient at Davos is this mixture of environmentals economists feminists professors royalty artists musicians actors doctors farmers and activists These innovators are not just a menagerie of the third estate nowhere else in the world do the leaders of business governments and organizations meet to improve the state of the world like the WEF at Davos 

The question is will Trump connect and engage like Xi did One area where Trump can connect with the Forum is their Fourth Industrial Revolution Based on the huge leaps of societies in the digital age This digital transformation in the way we live and work was launched on 2016 continued in 2017 and will most certainly be the focus in 2018 With the rise in Artificial Intelligence and the coming of age of driverless cars and automated stock trading systems and the continual gutting of large industrial cities with high unemployment understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be critical To make America First Trump will need to make Technology First It was clear AI was front and center at Davos in 2017 when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that it could potentially kickstart weak economic growth and Google co founder Sergey Brin said he was surprised by the pace of AI Another area of focus in 2017 was the next generation 5G mobile internet technology 

This was highlighted by Kaan Terzioğlu the chief executive of Turkcell Turkey s leading telecom He properly pointed out that 5G is not just a simple mobile phone technology but also focused on the growing millions of Internet of Things IoT devices These internet connected devices will soon be the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution There was a big focus on digital payments at Davos in 2017 The statistic that stuck in my head was that cash accounted for just 9 of the value of payments by consumers in 2015 in the United States but 2016 China s mobile payments hit 5 5 trillion almost 50 times the size of America s 112 billion market according to consulting firm iResearch Americans still mostly use antiquated credit cards but the Chinese have completely embraced mobile payments with Alipay or WeChat Pay Trump has a real opportunity to help the US and the world by focusing Cashless transactions Getting Ready for 2018 As an attendee of WEF Davos 2018 and member of the Forbes Business Council of New York I plan on writing about the happenings opinions and trends going on Stay tuned for both the palace intrigue and direct facts

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