Essay Example on William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies is that of a Fictional Allegory









William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies is that of a Fictional Allegory in which there is a natural tension between two forces in which one ends up ultimately dominating the status quo Lord of the flies is a novel in which a group of boys are trapped in a microcosmic setting a deserted island with a wooded interior and an outer exterior made of a shore where they are stripped of civilization and left the responsibility of themselves An analysis of the boy s natural human instincts will show an inherent sadistic tendency that is dominant over the boy s normal praxis as a result of their prolonged exposure to the microcosm that ultimately leads to their caprices thus proving mankind is instinctively malevolent and is especially subject to such behavior when order peace and basic essentials are constricted Upon the boys entering their microcosm in which Lord of the Flies sets in they are amongst met with a high of freedom and carelessness that in it s prolonging exists differently in varied characters The ignorance of reality which is burrowed within the ego s of the boys is the cause 2 Nicholas Sandvik 01 9 18 of damnation that all are subject to For all this feeling is instinctive and for most it is satisfactory The boys carry out acts that are deemed truly evil and gain satisfaction confidence and pleasure when doing so The boys freely and routinely commit evil actions The spear moved inch by inch and the terrified squeal became a high pitched scream Right up her ass so funny the boys cried with laughter 135 136 Sadistic purposes lie true within the boys as they gain pleasure from torturing and furthermore sodomizing a sow This is further explained in Paul Slayton s essay The next death that of Simon is not an accident He is beaten to death when he rushes into the midst of the ritual dance of the young savages Ironically he has come to tell the boys that he has discovered that the beast they fear is not real 

Then Piggy the last intellectual link with civilization is killed on impulse by the sadistic Rodger 190 Domination of evil towards the boy s general behavior is primarily natural and begins due to the microcosm These results conflict with other forces competing to become the boy s tendencies Savagery began to ravage most of the boys as time passes and desperation increases Jack was bent double He was down like a sprinter 48 As portrayed savagery quickly kicks in as time progresses and overtakes the other forces when being chosen for how to handle a task Once this becomes in sync with everyday life the boys attempt at a civilized society crashes Ordinary lifestyle and overall sanity for the boys depletes when exposure to the terms of the island take effect Initially the boy s arrival to the island is followed with a predictable young joyous reaction As time passes and reality starts to unveil the façade that filtered the truth is no longer The inception of a savage reign is quickly obtained as standard behavior and is widely 3 Nicholas Sandvik 01 9 18 accepted amongst the population therefore dominating over their praxis of civilization Acts of unorder start to occur when actions must start to be played as they need to for their long term survival I cut the pig's throat said Jack proudly and yet twitched as he said it can I borrow yours Ralph to make a nick in the hilt The boys chattered and danced The twins continued to grin there were lashings of blood said jack laughing and shuddering you should have seen it 69 Therefore as one of the savages first group bound hunt unfolds the gory slaughtering of a pig is satisfying and miraculous to the hunters further proving the boys natural instincts and pleasures are sadistic and evil Altogether evil instincts that dominate when order peace and essentials are stripped naturally took over the boys Predictively Isolation from the macrocosm triggers an outcry of their natural instincts The instincts rapidly spread spontaneously amongst the population of the island and any forces such as good that oppose are eliminated by this instinct

Actions committed are now predominantly evil and stay this way Order begins to slip and eventually all falls Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them Yet there was a space round Henry perhaps six yards in diameter into which he dare not throw Here invisible yet strong was the taboo of the old life Round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law Roger's arm was conditioned by a civilization that knew nothing of him and was in ruins 62 4 Nicholas Sandvik 01 9 18 Evil succeeds domination by exposure to the microcosm Mankind s naturality is having savage tendencies to carry out sadistic acts in a time of desperation The boys lose having order peace and basic necessities of a controlled environment and thus succumb to this fate Malevolence takes charge and there is a breakdown of any sense of society Any good within the boys is quickly destroyed as evil overall dominates Primitivity is naturally selected amongst the boys as a personal living style and it is a driving force therefore supporting the idea that mankind's true nature is revealed when man is constricted of a civilized society

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