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William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died April 23 1616 He was an english play writer and poet that was considered one of the best to ever live His work style was very complex when writing his plays He would add metaphors and rhetorical phrases that would hardly match the actual story line of his pieces His work was considered the best ever in writing 38 play 154 sonnets and two narrative poems His most famous pieces are plays like Romeo and Juliet Hamlet Othello and Macbeth For his outstanding writing Shakespeare would be recognized as England's greatest writer ever and be awarded the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Revival which recognizes the best broadway theatre producer When writing The Tempest William Shakespeare adds his fiction part of the story putting magicians sprites beasts and beauties He did this because it gave the story a realm of imagination made the story more exciting and left his playwriting open to any possibilities In many of Shakespeare's plays He uses strong imaginations in all of his plays Know thus far forth by accident most strange bountiful fortune now my dear lady Prospero's magic does not really rely on his own ability Instead nature has a big role to play on his ability and he is very humbled that he can do this and he also realizes that he is very powerful and can control a lot of different things He realizes that he is not able to do anything and does not have unlimited power Be not afeard The isle is full of noises sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears 

This speech is Caliban s explanation to Stephano and Trinculo of the mysterious music that they were hearing by magic Though he claims that the chief high moral standards of his newly learned language is that it allows him to curse Caliban shows himself that he is capable of using speech in a most sensitive and beautiful fashion and really knows how to use his words This shows a great deal of imagination and shows how Shakespeare uses his mind and imagination to write anything he wants Shakespeare uses a ton of imagination he also uses a lot of creativity to make it exciting and keep the readers reading There will be some sports are painful and their labour delight in them sets off Some kinds of baseness are nobly undergone and most poor matters points to rich ends In this quote Ferdinand speaks all of these words to Miranda He expects his prepared to do the task that Prospero sent for him to do for her sake When in writing Shakespeare's play he used a lot of compromise and balance in all of his plays Prospero has to spend all of twelve years on the island to regain his dukedom Alonso must seem to lose his son in order to regain to be forgiven for his betrayal of trust My lord Sebastian The truth you speak both lack some gentleness and time to speak in it You rub the sore when you should bring the plaster In these words Gonzalo was criticizing what Sebastian has told Alonso In this quote Alonso s heart is a metaphor for the sore made by the loss of his son Gonzalo says that he is rubbing the sore This is meaning that Alonso is not helping overcome his loss 

The bandage is the kind compassionate and encouraging words spoken by Gonzalo and time needed to mend Alonso s bleeding heart The ways that Shakespeare uses makes this very exciting and keeps you reading all of the lines of the play He made it exciting and leaves everything up to interpretation for the reader to make there own opinion on it But this rough magic I here abjure and when I have required some heavenly music which even now I do Here Prospero promises to break his staff and give up on all of his magic that he can do forever and immediately after delivering his speech Prospero Alonso in a charm and later orders Ariel to make sure the seas are very calm so the cast can enjoy a peaceful and safe passage back to Italy O heaven O earth bear witness to this sound and crown what I profess with kind even if I speak true Though Prospero has practically put both of the lovers into each others laps but he still calls out of the heavens to bless them It seems a special honor to power greater and beyond the own Some people love to listen to his plays and are very finatic His writing is very fictional and great for creativity He uses a diverse array of characters magicians spirited beasts beauties I believe he could have included characters like dragons mermaids fairies and werewolves These characters could have added a good effect to the play and made it more of a fictional story Shakespeare is a great writer and he made all of these fictional characters because it gives the story a realm of imagination made the story more exciting and left his playwriting open to any possibilities

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