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Forensic Science DNA Profiling

What is DNA Profiling In Leicester University a person called Alec Jefferys developed the technique called DNA Fingerprinting in 1985 This Technology is now called DNA Profiling and can be used to identify people In the modern day DNA Profiling is called STR analysis STR needs a few skin cells hair root or a tiny amount of salvia blood The man in the photo is Alec Jefferys which invented DNA Profiling DNA can solve crimes here's why There may be a few drops of blood hair left after the crime that suspect never seen at the crime This would be enough to get a STR Profile The forensic scientist can compare the blood sample from the suspect and the victim to see is a match If it's a match the suspect is the one that caused the crime If the two DNA Profile are a match there's only one in a billion that they are different people unless they are twins What does STR Profile stand for A Short Tandem Repeat STR analysis is one of the most useful methods in molecular biology which is used to compare DNA from more than 2 samples What does DNA profiles show DNA profiling involves the testing of highly variable regions of a person's DNA that contain STR The exact number of STR varies from person to person because we all inherit our DNA from our parents DNA profiles can be used to confirm people if they are related or not What's A DNA database 

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