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The example in the speech people can choose to view things negatively because it affects badly to their life then they think it's unfair that their life is the priorities over anyone else s life All they receive are the bad feelings People can choose to view things differently by viewing deeper meanings of the situation s core and then consider the possibilities This is hard to do because it goes against the default setting of their mind however after they learn it they can see other options On one hand someone said the race was unfair and I think otherwise the race was fair because it was unfair to everyone Even though there were people that stood way behind others a result of disadvantages from what they could not control and they must run longer path to get to the target the only thing that matters was their decision to run or not to run You get to decide how you re going to try to see it This activity is empowering because it teaches the people from behind to have strong desire to overcome their disadvantages how to view the world in a more in depth meaning rather than focusing on their misfortune The commencement states that people should Altering or getting free of my natural hard wired default setting which is to be deeply and literally self centered and to see and interpret everything through this lens of self chose to act against what normally do understand things through its basics not how we see it and apply it to our past experiences In the race everyone fell into the rat race including the winner because we all chose to worship money which is the target

This situation alludes to the larger community where the majority of people worship money and power Just like the fish with the question What is water some of us do not realize the environment that we get in the rat race Everyone in the race wanted to win just like people in a larger context crave for wealth and comfort from money and power This is a form of worshiping yourself and this is not a real freedom The unreal freedom will lead into a rat race where people pursuing meaningless and purposeless temptations and forgetting to find any enjoyment in life The real freedom lies in an understanding of the world surrounded oneself Mr Wallace said The very important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and effort and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty little unsexy ways every day That is real freedom In order to achieve the real freedom one must educate themselves That is why the text states that your education IS the job of a lifetime Education here is not only about facts in schools but also the knowledge that people gain and interpret from everyday situation With education anyone can overcome their disadvantages be able to consider the possibilities to prevent from falling into the rat race It teaches everyone the power of the choice of thinking interpretation the situations the target to worship and the decision of what has to mean and what does not People need to stay conscious and alive to stop running the rat race and start living appreciating the world People who chose not to run may not because they did not try but because they valued something else over money 

For example some person in the front waited for the people behind to catch up before started to run some people who receive more advantages and privileges ended up behind those who do not receive as many advantages and opportunities Some think they have to achieve what they want e g money but they will never be satisfied and their quality of life does not increase Instead they get into a rat race without any end Rat race pointless pursuit repetitive lifestyle without relaxation or enjoyment running to what you want and do it all over again and again without realizing that you can never be satisfied with what you achieved while you miss a ton of other things On the other hand I also considered the reasons why people were upset about the equality of the race they did not receive any help from the teacher People who grew up in a worse environment have to stood way behind others who received more advantages and privileges This is the factors that no one can choose for themselves such as race gender and their abilities or knowledge This situation is similar to real life problem in which the minorities African American women LGBT people etc are given a few help from the government People's basic rights are protected in the Bill of Rights

Because these rights are what everyone should have the Supreme Court had to pass the Incorporation doctrine However these amendments do not give any help for the minority to get to same start as the majority That is why the government added more amendments to protect the minority s rights For example in Plessy v Ferguson court case the Court established the separate but equal doctrine After years in Brown v Board of Education court case based on the thirteen and Fourteen Amendments the Court ruled that the separate but equal doctrine applied in the segregation of schools was unconstitutional Another example is the right to privacy which is used to protect the right for abortion or sexual behaviors of gay and lesbian In addition one s rights cannot be supreme over another because everyone s worlds matters The text stated that Here's one example of the utter wrongness of something I tend to be automatically sure of Everything in my own immediate experience supports my deep belief that I am the absolute center of the universe the most real most vivid and important person in existence

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