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Without this person the atomic bomb would of never been invented the war with Japan would of lasted longer He was known as the father of the atomic bomb When the United States found out that Nazi Germany was researching about making a nuclear weapon he was put in charge of making the atomic bomb before the Germans did Julius Robert Oppenheimer was the man behind all of this Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born in April 22 1904 in New York New York to german jewish parents immigrants from Germany His father Julius Seligmann Oppenheimer was a wealthy textile importer and his mother Ella Friedman was an artist Julius R Oppenheimer began studying in 1911 in a private school called Ethical Culture School based on the behavior of humans At a young age 10 years old Oppenheimer started studying physics and chemistry Later he went on to Harvard in 1922 and graduated from Harvard University in 1925 Oppenheimer went to Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University to study physics and continued his studies in Germany at the University of Gottingen where he got his PhD in theoretical physics After finishing his studies he became a professor at the University of California Berkeley Also gave him a chance to teach at the California Institute of Pasadena for six weeks a year 

This allowed him to research astronomy quantum physics and other topics He made theories about this subjects and other scientists used them to make discoveries of their own Oppenheimer stayed a professor till the 1930s As the World War 2 continued the United States learned that the Germans had been researching into nuclear weapons but the U S wanted to create the atomic bomb before the Germans did The United States gathered the best scientists around the world to help to create this weapon They started to learning about the element Uranium and how to split it to make to a weapon of mass destruction The operation was called the Manhattan Project and was kept a secret The U S government put Oppenheimer in charge of the operation and began to create the first atomic bomb with the best scientists around the world in secret Oppenheimer also had to decide a location for the Manhattan Project to construct the laboratory He decided that New Mexico was place to construct and he also knew the area very well When Oppenheimer was young he lived in New Mexico With thousands under his management they began to build the first atomic bomb in 1945 The summer was when Oppenheimer and his team finally built the world's first atomic bomb Later in July 19 1945 the atomic was detonated in the deserts of New Mexico the test was called the Trinity Test Oppenheimer watched the explosion from a distance and said Now I am become death destroyer of worlds The next month two other atomic bombs were detonated in Japan One in Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki which killed more than two hundred people After the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Oppenheimer regretted building the atomic bomb due to its mass destruction and the amount of lives lost Oppenheimer did not want to be part of the atomic bomb When World War 2 finally ended after Japan surrendered to the Allies Oppenheimer went to the U S Atomic Energy Commision asking for strict international regulations on atomic energy

Then Oppenheimer heard that the United States were planning to build a hydrogen bomb in the early 1950s but Oppenheimer was against it Knowing that it would be more powerful than the atomic bomb that he built Oppenheimer did not want any more lives being lost by a weapon with mass destruction He told president Truman about his feelings towards the hydrogen bomb but the president did not care about his words Later in 1952 the first hydrogen bomb was detonated by the United States on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean Then the Cold War with Soviet Union and the United States began the Red Scare People that were against the government were thought to be communists When Oppenheimer was against the hydrogen bomb people were afraid that Oppenheimer was a communist In 1954 Oppenheimer attends a U S Atomic Energy Commission hearing for accusations for being a communist The United States government stripped Oppenheimer of his security clearance as a result from the accusations Oppenheimer wanted his security clearance restored but it was was overruled by the Atomic Energy Commission Scientists were angered by the decision that the government chose to with Oppenheimer He still continued to write work and lecther around the world in 1960s Oppenheimer was still awarded for his actions he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit for creating the atomic bomb Then November 16 1963 he was awarded by President Lyndon B Johnson the Enrico Fermi Award for his role in atomic energy But unfortunately Oppenheimer died of throat cancer in February 18 1967 in Princeton New Jersey

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