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Women have been discriminated all their life for no reason to blame They have dedicated countless hours from working and running businesses to dominating sports leagues The discrimination has one beginning but so many endings That one small beginning is for just being a female Those many endings are running from Jobs Voting Personal choices and so much more Women deserve no discrimination and they are receiving it for the cause and effect and the leaders that choose to fight against them In the 1900 s it was believed that women were not allowed to have certain jobs to any jobs at all The culture or ideas were thought to believe the men were the ones to go out and work and earn money and run the family while the wife was to stay home and clean The show for cause and effect is still not equal because women still aren t able to receive jobs that most men can get Computer Sciences Corporation was sued by a former high level female executive who was fired after identifying and complaining about pattern and practice gender discrimination and sexual harassment She was told to quit complaining She did not she was fired Wolfe Lahle Now my best guess is sure a man could have that same scenario happen to him but the odds of it going differently and working out in his favor is highly unlikely Personally my grandmother has sadly experienced something quite similar In the nineteen seventies my grandma worked for United Airlines as a flight attendant

Their idea or logo was to have young single women serve you coffee snacks and other goods and treats of your choice My grandma then decided while still working the job she found the love of her life and married my grandpa Approximately two weeks after the marriage my grandma was fired She wasn t fired for seeing him on a flight or taking him with she has done nothing wrong and the United Airlines fired her This is another case of sexism around the world This point is also sustained by the work and wages of women Wages are the largest problem with discrimination in this present day The gender pay gap has influenced the income of families and especially single moms that have to care for multiple kids The idea that women in this era are still not earning the same pay grade as most men just for their gender is astounding Similarly in the sports league women dominate many sports but many aren t even getting paid close to what men are getting paid For example For the US women s football team their win in the 2015 World Cup got them a 2m 1 5m reward Meanwhile in the male version of the tournament the winners were handed 35m 26 5m just a year earlier Perasso Valeria This is one of the purest examples of sexism No doubt there are amazing athletes that prevail over oodles of male athletes For instance Serena Williams is the king of women s tennis but still is in the fifty first ranking in the paid athletes table Despite this she still isn t getting paid close to the highest paid athletes in the world all because of a gender 

The last and worst form of gender sexism is voting and the belief that men have power over women to control them In the past women were unable to vote since voting had begun for over one hundred years This was known as the women s suffrage Today this previous act of women not being able to vote is having an impact about one hundred and twenty years later The discrimination that has recurred today is unbelievable Today in CNBC Trump has tried to declare a new rule of birth control This shows how ignorant trump really is the fact he believes he has the power over a woman s choice to not have a baby The Trump administration recently released regulations allowing employers colleges and universities to eliminate birth control coverage from their health benefit plans because of religious or moral objections These new rules will allow employers and schools to discriminate against women while undermining the importance of women s health That is just the beginning of all the many awful things that the president has done Now from the empowering al Qaeda in Syria to attacking the FBI because they are doing their job he is someone that has a list of the wrong choices he has made Today there is no telling what will come next in five minutes or five hours and you can t predict it What you can do is help extinguish the spreading wildfire of women s discrimination It is so simple just to either stand up or say no or even not pay attention to those who decided that they believe they are in charge of someone and that someone is the entire population of females Now I m not here to persuade you or change your entire thoughts on life I am here today to explain to you and show you how poorly people are treated just for a gender

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