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Birth Control and Insurance

Birth control and Insuranceю Nearly half of the pregnancies in the United States are not planned, the rate of pregnancies is higher between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Eron 2012 four out of ten of those pregnancies result in abortion. Young adults have a higher rate of contracting a STD or other sexual disorder. I think that this was the problem the government had to deal with which made the government come to the decision to suspend health coverage for students on birth control. This problem could have been addressed in many other ways including education, medicine and other counseling things. Taking a look at the Christians perspective of premarital sex, according to Merit 2016. Christians are already angry by changing social mores when it comes to sexual intercourse. There are certain activities that coincide with sex and virginity. Both sex and virginity differ in the Christian and public health division. Everyone thinks that a virgin is pure and has never had sex before marriage. Many forget about the different types of sex such as oral sex Graham 2012. Some Christians may think that having sex before marriage is not such a horrible thing. To them, they think the conventional Christian ways concerning sexuality should be revised. There are many people in the United States who are very uncomfortable to talk about the sexual health issues that we have to say Eron 2012. The majority of the concerns are for young adults between the age of eighteen and twenty-four, who overlook the subject and continue on with sexual activities.

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Women are not appreciated as much as they should be.

Randall says Family planning is another area where public policy has had a 62 negative impact on health status and life choices of minority women. 121 Minority women do not have equal access to preventive medicine or the full range of birth control options available. Barriers include a lack of family planning services or facilities in their communities. This is totally unfair on all levels because African American females have just as much right to start a family as white females, Gita Sen and Piroska Östlin from Unequal Unfair Ineffective and Inefficient Gender Inequity in Health. Why it exists and how we can change it, says Women have less land wealth and property in almost all societies, yet they have higher burdens of work in the economy of care ensuring the survival reproduction and security of people including young and old Elson 1993. Girls in some contexts are fed less, educated less and more physically restricted and women are typically employed and segregated in lower-paid, less secure and informal occupations.

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