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Baltic Energy the EU Gazprom Is Diversifying Away from Russia

Baltic Energy the EU Gazprom Is Diversifying Away from Russia an Impossible Goal Since their accession to the EU in 2004 Estonia Latvia and Lithuania are still suffering from tighter energy markets and the dominance of Russian infrastructure As a resurgent power under the Putin presidency 1999 2008 the corresponding oil and gas boom was the foundation for Russia's economic revival and resurgent national pride Aside from the prospect of military action Russia poses a multi faceted threat to the Baltics often outlined under the term hybrid warfare a loosely defined concept in security circles that entails covert and deniable actions in Russia's efforts to contain and influence key areas such as Baltic energy infrastructure and domestic politics This piece will highlight key developments in EU backed policy shifts in Baltic energy security and its actions in breaking the dependence on Russian infrastructure and energy companies an often overlooked policy area in the geopolitical struggle for influence between the EU and Russia From now on nobody will dictate us the price for gas or buy our political will Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė 2014 Since their accession to the EU energy policy has been cited as a Baltic achilles heel causing widespread domestic concern at the dominance of the Russian interests since Gazprom became an investor in the three state energy companies Eesti Gas 37 Latvijas Gāze 34 and Lietuvos Dujos 37 

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