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Health care professionals must have provided the best quality of Care

Health care professionals must have provide the best quality of care while dealing with patients Quality of healthcare is the degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge Managed care is a system of care delivery involving complex organizational arrangements between institutions and clinicians explicit financial incentives defined access to service controls on the use of services 3 coordination and integration of services McConnell C 2010 Cost balance is health professionals trying to balance the cost while improving the quality of care Although these health professionals are for improving the quality and cost balance in healthcare it is taking a strain on them with the rising cost of healthcare especially since the Affordable Care Act ACA has increased the number of people with insurance seeking medical care Cost balance is becoming important because one third of health spending is wasted on unnecessary services fraud and other problems Institute of Medicine 2012

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Debate on Climate Change

Alejandro Castro Professor Newton GOVT 2306 2 January 2017 The Irresolute EPA Regional Administrator The Environmental Protection Agency EPA has always remained a valuable source of importance for the United States More recently the perpetual debate on climate change has become highlighted once more within the Southern Central Region as one side of the issue includes believers advocate against the process of climate change while the other side includes non believers who chalk up the idea of climate change as a competitive market strategy enacted by the Chinese This particular issue is reflected in the Article entitled Latest Texan to Join Trump s EPA is Still Deciding if She Believes in Climate Change published on December 28 2018 by Naveena Sadasivam a renowned online staff writer for The Texas Observer This informative article starts off by providing a detailed insight into the background of Anne Idsal an unknown quantity for many who was recently appointed by the Trump Administration as the new regional EPA administrator The Texas Observer At the age of 34 Idsal comes from a well connected Texas political family with ties to the Republican guard and has worked at a high level of Texas state government for years including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality TCEQ and the General Land Office These impressive milestones and extensive experience in government reflect her understanding of politics and have also prepared her for perhaps her biggest responsibility yet as she takes the reins of EPA Region 6 which includes Texas four other states and 66 tribal nations However one of the most important things to note was an interview question proposed by The Observer concerning her belief on climate change and her unique response included the words climate has been changing since the dawn of time well before humans ever inhabited the Earth

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