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Introduction Word is a single distinct meaningful elements of speech or writing used with others or sometimes alone to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed When someone wants to study or learn about any language for example French the first thing that he should learn is the most frequently words used in this language so that he can communicate with others even if he is not able to speak fluently As well as children when they become in one word stage people become more able to understand them at least what they really need become understandable So we realize that words is one of the main parts of human communication and to know a language is definitely means to know its words sentences and sounds If we ask ourselves how these words appeared and if there is any link between them and what they refers to the only answer will be human creativity is what makes us find words that describe every little thing in this great world

So this essay will discuss some of the methods that we can by using them to create new words every minute Compounding It is one of the methods to create new words by combining two separate words or more together to produce one word Compounding is one of the common process in most languages of world especially in English Example Fast food fast food Greenhouse green house Feedback feed back Income in come compound words properties 1 Compound words grammatically and semantically are single words 2 Their meaning can be known by the meaning of each element of the compound word For example Bookstore is a store that sells books Bedroom is a room that you can to sleep there 3 The stress usually on the first syllable of compound words and this way used to differentiate between phrases and compound words because stress in phrases usually in the second syllable Example Flatfoot Compound flatfoot Phrase 4 The compound words category usually not always determine by the second element Example Air n Sick adj airsick adj Exception Good adj Looking v good looking adj Borrowing

 One of the most common process is Borrowing and it means to borrow or to take words from other languages and sometimes it involves some change to make it suitable and appropriate Example Source language Original word English language Latin Plus more Plus Old Norse Vanta Want Arabic Safar journey ﺳﻔﺮ Safari French Jewel Jewel Arabic Cotton ﻗﻄﻦ Cotton Arabic Mummy ﻣﻮﻣﻴﺎء Mummy Germany Eisberg Iceberg Italian Carpita Carpet Norwegian Klover skillful Clever Arabic Algebra اﻟﺠﺒﺮ Algebra Acronyms Acronyms is the process whereby a new word is formed from the initial letters of the constituent words of a phrase or sentence Example USA United States of America NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration AC Air Conditioning There are two types of acronyms 1 Pronounced as word UNICEF United Nation International Children's Emergency 

Fund NICE Negation Interrogative Code and Emphasis properties 2 pronounced as sequences of letters VIP Very Important Person IPA International Phonetic Alphabet SSBE Standard Southern British English Blending Blending and Compounding are similar to each other in combining but the different between them is some parts of words in combined are deleted For example heliport helicopter airport telex teleprinter exchange urinalysis urine analysis Motel Metro hotel Affixation Affixation means to add derivational affixes to the word There is three types of affixes 1 Prefixes To add something to the beginning of the word un mis in re Example Unlocked replay Misunderstand Mislead Interview 2 Suffixes To add something to the end of the word ness less able ful Example Darkness Careless Available Colorful Agreement 3 Infixes To add something to the middle of the word in Not normally used in English Example taken from Philippine language Kayu wood in product of a completed action Kinaya gathered wood Coinage Some words were invented for a reason and purpose such as Kleenex nylon Kodak Band Aid and Google

As we know all of them are inventions name of a company products or brands So coinage is the process when new words are created either deliberately or accidentally to fit some purpose Usually words are coined to express new ideas processes products Clipping Is the abbreviation of longer words into shorter ones such as Telephone Phone Examination Exam Doctor Doc Airplane Plane Back formation It is a very special type of reduction a word from any category reduced to form a new word Example Editor N Edit V Television N Televise V Enthusiasm N Enthuse V Conversion It means words used as part of another word class without any addition of affixes 1 Noun to Verb conversion access N to access V Google N to Google V E mail N to e mail V 2 Verb to Noun conversion To call V call N To work V work N To cover V cover N To judge V judge N 3 Other conversion green Adj to green V Conclusion Finally Word formation means the different process that we can by using them create unlimited words every day it's part of our humanity the creativity and the ability to express with unlimited number of words as long as we need them What is more words is our way to communicate with others by spoken or written language and People will keep create words to express their feeling and thinking and to manage expressing ourselves always according to what our time and century can take

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