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WORK REPORT University of Houston I was offered an internship by I started working on at the office located in Houston As a supply chain intern I learned how the supply chain works in the business Following are my job responsibilities mentioned in brief Reviewing the purchase order requisitions and processing it utilizing the purchasing best practices In my company the purchase orders are manually generated by the back office in India My role includes reviewing the purchase orders preparing the invoices packing list and filling out SLI Thus I single handedly take care of excess paperwork I process more than 20 orders per week and maintain a database system for each order by the client name so that they can be easily traced I have also created a filling system which helps us in avoiding duplicate request issues Working closely with the logistics department with the dispatch order of specially requested items The company takes help of DHL UPS FedEx logistics and the nominated freight forwarders set up by the customers directly to control the forward and reverse flow of the goods The biggest challenge in my opinion within logistics department is with respect to the time management As we don t have any dedicated logistics for our company I had to manage my time with all the logistics services My presence in the office is very much necessary whenever we must ship or receive the goods Hence I work extensively to schedule all the pickups or drop offs Our company ship goods in the range 200lbs to 500lbs Hence the shipping cost plays a major role in the company's budget 

Our warehouse is in place such that it is at a very minimal distance from most of the logistics service providers This itself helps a lot to avoid extra charges Also I maintain an excel sheet to take care of all deadlines by which product needs to be reached the destination of the goods pricing damage concerns This small organized sheet helps me a lot in taking various decisions such as all goods can be sent together as a complete shipment I generally try to ship the goods which have the same destination and have nearby deadlines This helps me in saving time and extra cost Reviewing product catalogues and other vendor materials to assist the end customers with their requirements As my company provides one stop consultation services to the customers for mechanical spares hydraulics pneumatics and electrical equipment I attend many customers on call or reach out to them via email to inquire about various parts and know their best option as per requirements Generally the customers want the most cost effective options However the most cost effective option need not be the best To make customer realize that I do my complete homework before I provide them the consultation This requires complete knowledge of the part and its application

Also I make sure I have considered all the manufacturers and their pricing and go through the entire purchase order provided by the customer in detail I try to provide the best suitable part of the customer at the minimum price Coordinating tracking and responding to the vendor recalls Whenever purchasing a part I make sure to go through the warranty and the return policy of each manufacturer For this purpose my filing system helps me a lot I get a complete traceability with respect to the physical location of the part delivery history status and the warranty period I sometimes must arrange the on site field support to correct the part I also have scheduled the pickup and replacement when necessary Reviewing order deliveries and evaluating availability lead times and manufacturing process for the product I try to see that pattern of the orders made by our customers by reviewing our purchase orders and delivery notes that have been made We try to maintain the minimum number of recurring products so that we can provide customers with their need within a short time This increases a customer satisfaction loyalty and they take us as a dedicated company There were many challenges when I had started the job like negotiation techniques and other soft skills I had to learn the documentation and all the filing systems Initially I got baffled while making negotiations In these four months I have developed all the soft skills and negotiation techniques required for this job I have developed a very good relationship with logistics provider vendor manager and warehouse operation manager This helps me in conducting the smooth operation My supervisor and team are very helpful and together we take pride in completing the project with the best quality and on time delivery References http www poojagroup in reliant about us html

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