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You blink as if you can't quite believe what you're hearing Yes yes you re not imagining it I m speaking to you I suppose is how you would understand it B but you say out loud and a couple of the other specimens stare to look at you in confusion Now now There is no need to speak out loud I will be able to hear your thoughts Your kind comes along so rarely I would hate for you to get taken in to some prison and electrified Electrocuted actually you say this time in your head Then you shake your head as if you can t believe what you just said Wait I you Use your words now My mocking tone momentarily angers you clearing your thoughts Who no what are you you say again in your head Ah but you know already don t you You were just thinking about it You blink and frown I was thinking about something Your frown deepens I know what I was thinking about I am thinking about it right now and when I do everything sort of goes blurry and I feel like I'm watching myself in third person but I couldn't tell you what exactly I m thinking about Precisely My sudden excitement makes you jerk 

Sometimes I forget how sensitive you folk you are Apologies for that quite rude of me But regardless what you re feeling there is no way to describe it in your language Your language is bound inherently by the three dimensions by a limited scope which is all most of your kind is capable of seeing Limited scope you retort what sort of bullshit is that You re angry understandably after all I ve just insulted your species You know full well what I mean Look around yourself your fellow people this transport that you re in What do you see Your eyes widen and you look around your head jerking from left to right up and down out the windows beyond the windows You are like a child who has just been born into a new world In a sense you are exactly that Then you look at me There is no three dimensional direction you just perceive me You open your mouth to speak Stop You will just confuse yourself by speaking in that tongue of yours You now know what I say to be true You no longer just see you perceive But you stammer I m no philosopher I m just a guy bored on my commute to work I was just thinking pointlessly about stuff Throughout history there have been very few who ve crossed the barriers you have and in an objective sense they are the most capable of your species Yet not a single one makes it in your history books To arrive at this thinking you cannot be thinking with a purpose the very nature of Ascending to this thought is to stumble upon it You give this a moment of thought then nod agreeing 

Then your frown deepens I know what you re about to ask Yes quite right There really is no point to it all And no you will never be happy going back to your life You do not protest you are well past such silly things You know it to be true Instead you set your jaw I will undo it all then forget all of it I just want my life back Which is exactly what everyone else who's made the discovery has said your species or otherwise They all say the same exact thing within moments of first Ascending Has anyone done it you ask and for the first time fear creeps into your voice I ve been trying for as long as time existed No avail Then Again like clockwork I know what you re going to say You ll kill yourself You think I won t you say again that anger rising It s funny how even after Ascending certain traits still remain common Oh you will try we both know but you know too that nothing will happen You are now the same thing I am Death itself You will wander like I do like a handful of others do throughout time and space killing as needed breeding as necessary Giving them the release you wish you could achieve I believe your kind calls it artificial selection At first you re sickened aftereffects of the old reality But then you speak and your voice is calm To find someone capable of Ascending beyond us you say Precisely Only they will put an end to our suffering Everyone else has left the transport but you re still sitting where you were looking the same but fundamentally changed likely forever You look around trying to get one last glimpse of the world that was once yours but its too late You can no longer see it as it once was For you it is already gone For what it's worth I'm sorry

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