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Yeah What you think only the male professional wrestler got the great success in the world No guys women of the ladies wrestling industry got remarkable succeed in the past 15 years There was a period once female wrestlers were not exactly noticeable Now female wrestlers better known as WWE Divas wwe ladies wrestlers experience the wonderful success both in and out of the squared circle In ring careers are normally short for the divas but their exposure to it no pun intended on WWE tv programs has led to super seeking outside projects once their wrestling careers are over Whether it be through films television system or magazine covers these who love ladies wrestling have gathered up quite a nest egg Its not all their income was generated in professional ladies wrestling but their careers in the WWE are what directed them to their great fame Getting started using of ladies in the WWE has been questionable at times with many peoples questioning if they are valuable to the wrestling business at all These ladies have proven that whether your biggest achievement shows up in wrestling or not it can invariably be used as a platform to get some form of popularity 

Some of these ladies wrestler obtained more in the ring than others but the mainstream crossover has established to be possible Mostly divas have been involved of specially getting started with the WWE to move through mainstream success But the life of divas is generally short term in WWE ladies wrestling Imagine about this for a minute Trish Stratus is thought to be the greatest diva of all time yet her career lasted just 6 yrs Possibly even the most impressive divas don't get much time on top A lot of the women on this list have done a great job setting up themselves up for life once their wrestling careers inevitably finished often at an age well below THIRTY FIVE Is one of the most successful ladies in the ladies wrestling business and a woman with a net worth of 25 million but she won't be included on this list because her salary has come exclusively from her work behind the scenes in the WWE Stephanie McMahon 8 Sable Rena Marlette Lesnar Net Worth 1 5 million Successful WWE divas in ladies wrestling Rena Marlette Lesnar Sable was part of the wave of women that switched female wrestlers into sex symbols plus shocked many in the process Rena Marlette happens to be married to Brock Lesnar who is really worth 15 million himself and has achieved popularity beyond the wrestling business Wrestling fans spectators will keep on mind Sable exposing herself along with wearing noting more than black handprints on her lovely breasts throughout the WWE s edgy and controversial attitude period Sable went on to present in Playboy in April 1999

The particular magazine was one of the highest selling of all time The girl posed for the magazine again in Sept of that year following her departure from your WWE and again in 2004 together with Torrie Wilson during her second operate in the WWE Marlette is now living easily outside of the pro wrestling world raising the girl two sons with Lesnar as well as the girl stepdaughter Lesnar s daughter from a previous relationship At 46 years old she s enjoying existence and her wrestling career is much behind her 7 Brie Bella Net Worth 1 7 million Female richest wrestlers in wwe Brie Bella Brie Bella Brianna Garcia Colace may be the other half of the Bella twin babies a great well known wrestler within ladies wrestling Her net worth comes in just above the girl sister s at 1 7 million That could be accounted for from the fact that she hasn't experienced the injury problems the girl sister has been forced to cope with Brie is also engaged in order to wrestler Daniel Bryan as well as the two are expected to be wedded in April Her partnership with Bryan Bryan Danielson has been another story arch in Total Divas on Electronic as the proposal and wedding party were both showcased on the show Having just finished its first season keep away from the show regularly offers over 1 million audiences and has been renewed for any second season which will begin in 2014 It's 

A show numerous ladies wrestling fans really feel they shouldn't like however they just do In fact it is often the most entertaining show WWE has put forth in certain several weeks The Bellas original operate went from 2008 2012 These were brought back in 2013 mainly for the reason of being showcased on TV more and with WWE launching their own network within February who knows what other programs they have in mind for the twin babies 6 Natalya Neidhart Net Worth 2 2 million A wwe female wrestler Natalya Neidhart Natalya Nattie Neidhart is the girl of former WWE label team champion Jim The Anvil Neidhart and the relative of Bret Hart Been trained in Calgary Natalya is the very first third generation female pro wrestler She has wrestling in the girl blood and it shows on the weekly basis Neidhart is also featured upon Total Divas and she wedded her longtime boyfriend many other pro wrestler Tyson Kidd TJ Wilson in Summer which was also featured on the program She has been wrestling within the WWE since 2008 and it is a former Divas champion the title she most definitely warrants another shot at Europe can be proud of another person in the Hart family attaining greatness in the ladies fumbling business

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