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In Chapter 1 the concept of social facilitation is Explored

In Chapter 1 the concept of social facilitation is explored How might you use the information you have about social facilitation to improve your performance Be concrete and specific How would you apply what you have learned to benefit your performance or improve your skills What are the limits of tasks Can social facilitation help you do something challenging or only improve something you are already adept at doing Does it work for any types of tasks or only particular types of tasks What is Zajonc s claim about why this effect occurs Social facilitation could be implemented to improve many daily activities in my life assuming they are convenient and seen as an easy or comfortable activity For example I could use social facilitation by studying with others in a group By myself I might be distracted and less focused but in a group I could potentially become more determined to study due to the good study habits of my group Watching others study vigorously would encourage me to study at the same rate Social facilitation would also help me workout by having a workout buddy I become competitive and want to do and try my best at lifting weights or jogging on the treadmill I feel the need in my workout to train just as hard or harder than my gym partner creating an internal motivation that I might not have on my own I would apply this knowledge in my life by actively engaging others in my activities by including myself in study groups and trying to go to the gym with a friend rather than just by myself 

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